10 More Crazy Inventions

We have seen a lot of invention some of them are remarkable for us and we see many of them as craziest things which come out as invention. Some inventions are designed to treat the sick or some are to prevent the pollution, others are simply fun to play with hand, some are very useful for man. But regardless of the purpose, the brilliance of the inventor is always inspiring.


10. The Bed Bug Detective

Bed Bug Detector consist of a fan which sucks air in small holes in the rod, the air passes through three sensors. The sensor detects the bed bug smell which is different than the smell of other insect.

These three sensors are capable of detecting a bed bug’s unique smell which is a combination of, CO2 and methane. Software monitors adjusts the system, and a color display shows when the user is getting closer to the bug source.

This bug’s detector was invented by Mr. Chris who is also planning to create a new model of this tool which can detect other insects like mice and cockroaches.


9. A Prenatal Marker to Screen for Pregnancy Complications

This is a tool which is designed by a college student and his classmates, the Prenatal Screening Kit, or safety pen like a marker. It helps to detect complications in pregnancies at an early stage. The markers are very cheap, and cost only few cents per each test which make it a perfect tool for hospitals especially for the under developing countries.

Its simple to use the user has to draw a line, and pour a drop of urine on it; the change in color will indicate the test as positive or negative. There are many markers available in market that can detect different complications through different color indication.


8. Medical Mirror

Medical Mirror consists of two-way mirror which can tell you the rate of your heart beat, which is very important for our health. A camera behind the mirror captures variations in reflection of light on your face, and the variation in reflection is calculated by the computer which indicate the heartbeats as the light data which is used for the calculation of heart beat


7. Crime-fighting armored glove

This is a police officer’s left forearm which is covered with nylon and can make an arc of about a half million volt between electrodes on his wrist. A green laser is used to target on the robber’s chest by putting hands up and target the robber. Consequently the robber will receive a shock of high voltage.

This armored glove is Equipped with a high voltage stunner, video camera, laser pointer and flashlight, the armor sleeve is intended to prevent violent situations. This crime fighting armored gloved was invented by David Brown.


6. The Cheap Stark Hand

Electronic versions of prosthetic that better imitate natural hand movements are normally cost thousands of dollars. Mark Stark’s prosthetic incorporates the best elements of all types of artificial hand. Although its minimalist plastic assembly is nearly as light and cheap as steel hook, and his stark hand looks any thing and work like a costly electronic stark hand. It move better and hold things better than any other costly electronic hand. The wearer can grasp anything with the help of Stark hand, even irregularly shaped objects that other similar tools can’t hold.


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