10 Lesser Known Works of Famous Authors

I am going to be straight with you guys; I do not like reading books. I get enough from my study books to read in my leisure times as well. Nonetheless, there have been some authors that I have kept a tab on and followed. Not every author is successful enough to blow the readers away with every book they ever write and hence they are known for some of their works. This list covers that aspect of those particular authors. There are many authors who are wildly popular but some of their works did not get the attention they should have gotten which is why I decided to compile this list. Enjoy the read and hope you give the books I mention, a read as well.



James Joyce - Ten Lesser Known Works of Great Authors
This guy is famous because he is difficult to read. This particular book was written for his grandson. It talks about making a deal with the devil. The people are tired of crossing the bridge and they certainly did not have any money to build a bridge. So The Devil hears about it, comes to town and makes a deal with the Mayor. He will build the bridge and in return he will keep the first soul to cross the bridge…. I will not spoil the story for you so you might as well just read it. It will be worth your while.



Emily Dickinson - Ten Lesser Known Works of Great Authors
If you read this poem, you will be surprised to know what lies in the dark and what awaits us if we let our ignorance go. What I mean is that we are always going after the popular but there are works hidden in the dark as well. Read the poem, let us know what you think:

Death is like the insect

Menacing the tree,

Competent to kill it,

But decoyed may be.

Bait it with the balsam,

Seek it with the saw,

Baffle, if it cost you

Everything you are.

Then, if it have burrowed

Out of reach of skill —

Wring the tree and leave it,

‘Tis the vermin’s will.



Charles Dickens - Ten Lesser Known Works of Great Authors
His novels serve a crucial social purpose. Moreover, they offer a fantastic read. He was poor when he was young and he never forgot that. American notes is a product of what he saw during his visit to the United States in the 1840s. He was greeted in Boston and he expresses joy over how it was all done. The trip made him a firm abolitionist. He had deep reservations about the US society. Definitely worth a read if you are thinking of killing time.



Geoffrey Chaucer - Ten Lesser Known Works of Great Authors
Chaucer wrote many different poems including ‘The Canterbury Tales’. If you consider the title, I mentioned that because it shows how multi-dimensional Chaucer really was. The poetry is absolutely brilliant. He wrote the Treatise for his son Lowys. He wanted to teach him the working of astrolabe. This is probably the first work in English about something scientific. Even if astronomy is something you are not interested in, the opening lines of the treatise are very touching; he wrote them for his son.



William Golding - Ten Lesser Known Works of Great Authors
He is famous for the book ‘Lord of the Flies’. The Inheritors is the book he considered to be the best one though. Many people consider this book to be along the genre of science-fiction which is the reason many think it is unusual for the book to be considered as literature. It is about a group of people who struggle to survive. They encounter a tribe that can control fire. Many keen observations were made regarding the earliest men and it is a detailed work.


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