Top 10 Songs Asked For At Funerals Around The World

Why the hell do we need to listen to some funky and a fashionable being blab us a sad song the day we lay our beloved to rest, we need to be with the dead till he/she is properly buried, we need no other commitments or some joyful consolation, we need to address to the soul of our beloved. But today, people just don’t do that anymore, funerals of today are a business platform for the world, specifically the coffin service, and the escort service. The last thing we need is some fashionable vocals to further deteriorate the peaceful lost feeling one gets when someone in our midst passes away. This post is a reminder to all those who are about to cross the maximum human life expectancy. LOL


10. Goodbye My Lover

Very direct and easily develops the mood of anyone who is in close proximity of this song being played either live or a recorded playback. I mean it’s very soothing, and we all know how good James Blunt is. It’s a pop rock song for the loved ones from the album Back to Bedlam written by Sasha Skarbek. It was released in 2005 and James second best to date. Its 4 minutes of pure reminiscence.


9. Angels

Robbie William is a vocal expert with precise stresses on the key notes you predict to hear that make you literally turn back in time. The lyrics itself is powerfully addictive, played at a lower volume on funerals this has become a silent preference around Britain and in the US. This song was released in 1997 and was voted the all-time best track by BRIT Awards. If any of that historic Latin poetry still remained, then this would be from one of its scraped pages.


8. I’ve Had the Time of My Life

For some reason funerals are incomplete without grannies crying in the third row and the coffin handlers handing out perfumed Kleenex to the desperate, easily lost and weak hearted men and women who come to attend the funeral. Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley have used these powerful words to soothe the weak hearted so that the mourners have less to cry about. This song was composed by Franke Previte and John DeNicola and released in 1987.


7. Wind Beneath My Wings

This song is sometimes labeled as “Hero”. Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley must have really missed the bosom hugs of the ones they lost to come up with such a powerful mixture of talent and feeling in a song in 1982. This is so soothing and relaxing, you don’t need wet tissues or somebody to lull you, all you need is an iPod and this track, that’s it! And yeah this is recorded by Bette Midler


6. Pie Jesu

As we move down this list, we are going to go deeper into how it feels to lose one closer to you. You don’t need just a song that soothes you at the funeral; you need a lasting impression of the funeral headache. Rosa Elvira Sierra makes sure you return home with a warm heart and cool eyes. The singer sort of makes you willingly recall the feeling of the lost one. Pie Jesu is a powerfully motet (a verbal utterance) to end all the pain and misery.

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