10 Best Zoos


Berlin - Ten Best Zoos
The zoo was open to public in the year 1844. The zoo is given importance and is considered as a land mark because it survived the Second World War. It was extensively damaged but was then rebuilt. The zoo also houses a lot of different and rare species of animals that cannot be found in every zoo. That serves as the main attraction for me and also the architecture. The Berlin Zoo also successfully breeds these animals so they are not going to run out of the rarities anytime soon.



Schonbrunner Zoo - Ten Best Zoos
This zoo can be found in Vienna in Austria. It was founded in the year 1792 which also gives it the right to be called the oldest zoo in the entire world. If you are in the area, you might want to visit the Rainforest House and the Artic Polarium; you will love it. The most interesting bit of the zoo is the house of the polar bears. In the late November in the year 2007, the mother polar bear gave birth to two beautiful little cubs and they were brought outside by the mother in March of 2008 and if you are lucky, she might do that when you are visiting.



Smithsonian - Ten Best Zoos
This is honored as the country’s national zoo and it is earned this title. It houses around 400 species and that means somewhere around 2,000 different animals. You know how many zoos around the world has a fee to let you enter. Well, the regular admission into this zoo is absolutely free. The zoo also offers a Snore and Roar tour. The tour gives you a tour of the zoo at night time and you also get to camp out. It should serve as a fun experience and also a little scary. This, for me, is the biggest attraction this particular zoo has to offer.



Toronto Zoo - Ten Best Zoos
It is one of the largest zoos in the world, spreading over an area of 700 acres. It is home to over 5,000 different animals. An interesting fact you should know while I’m on the subject is that the year 2008 was the year of the frogs. The Toronto Zoo is very active when it comes to activities designed to honor the frog. Amphibians are endangered species by the way, a fact of which not many of us are aware. The zoo also participates in activities to increase awareness regarding this fact.



Singapore Zoo - Ten Best Zoos
The zoo is very famous for the brilliant landscape. The zoo has a lot of unique and awesome attractions and my personal favorite would have to be the Jungle Breakfast. You can enjoy our breakfast with amazing wildlife right in front of you. You can also feed the elephants and a lot of other things. You will encounter orangutans as they are mingling in the crowd and you will find this very entertaining too. The zoos serve as an amazing place for you to plan an excursion too. It is very educative and it is pure fun to the see the animals in their man-made natural habitat.

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