10 Best Zoos

Every child loves zoos and so did it. All of the world’s awesome animals come together in this giant ‘jungle’ for the people to educate themselves. I have never been to any of the following zoos, but after doing some research while compiling these lists, I as an adult, would personally like to visit these zoos. The zoos that I went to were not very sophisticated as these, at this present time. They have been specifically designed to mimic the natural habitat of a particular animal so as to make them feel at home, and let us observe them in their actuality. You might want to consider any one of these because all of them are absolutely amazing. Enjoy the read!



Animal Kingdom - Ten Best Zoos
At the number ten spot we have the Animal Kingdom which is a part of Disney Theme Park in Orlando, Florida. It is a commercial zoo but the zookeepers make the animals feel like it is their natural habitat. The park promotes conservation as much as possible and it is hope to around 1,500 different exotic animals and various different fish and bird species. Enjoy your visit and let us know how it went.



Basel Zoo - Ten Best Zoos
The Basel Zoo is situated in Switzerland and it opened in the year 1984. It is one of the oldest zoos in the world. The zoo has the honor of being the second most visited places in all of Switzerland. You will be able to see Somolian Wild Donkes and also dwarf hippopotami in the zoo. The zoo houses around 6,000 different animals and is a must visit.



Beauval Zoo - Ten Best Zoos
The zoo originally opened in the year 1980 and it housed over 2,000 different species of birds only. Ten years later, other animals were introduced into the zoo and the number of animals in the zoo have increased to a whopping 4,000 ever since. There are two white tigers in the zoo named Gorby and Raisa. The zoo also houses twin manatees; they are called Quito and Luna. These creatures are a must see, so make sure you visit them.



Bronx - Ten Best Zoos
If you take metropolitan areas into account, the Bronx Zoo is the largest in the United States. It covers an area of around 250 acres and has a collection of over 4,000 animals. It also is home to many endangered species from around the world. If you visit there, you have to go to the Tiger Mountain, where you will be able to see the Siberian Tigers. There is a huge 6.5 acre Congo Gorilla Forest, where you can experience an African Safari Adventure. The zoo also houses many different insects that you can see. Enjoy!



National Zoological Gardens - Ten Best Zoos
National zoological gardens of South Africa is located in Pretoria and it literally is everything you are looking for in a zoo. It is the largest zoo in all of South Africa and houses over 2,500 species of animals. The interesting bit is that most of the animals residing in the zoo were born and bred at the very same place, so you might as well say that they are locals. The zoo features a reptile park and the largest aquarium in South Africa. The zoo also has a lot of different exotic trees. It is definitely a place to visit on my list.

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