10 Beautiful and Spectacular Desert Oases



5. Abraham’s Oasis, Syria

Abrahams Oasis Abraham’s Oasis Abraham’s Oasis has a great importance in Jewish, Samaritan, Christian, and Islamic history. It is located in between the cities of Hit and Haditha in Al Anbar province in Syria. The oasis is 6 miles away from Euphrates river.

4. Oasis Ein Gedi, Israel

Ein Gedi Ein Gedi Oasis Ein Gedi Waterfall Source Oasis of En Gedi is the largest along the coast of the Dead Sea in Israel. It is near Masada and the caves of Qumran and it’s name means goat kid. This area inhabited by Judah tribe. It is a very famous oasis since the time of the kingdom of Solomon.

3. Sonoran Desert Oasis

Sonoran Desert Sonoran Desert Picture Greenery in Sonoran Desert Sonoran Desert at sunset Source This oasis exists in Sonoran desert in North America.

2. Oasis on a Ranch in Red Rock Canyon Near Las Vegas

Oasis on a Ranch in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas Oasis on a Ranch in Red Rock Canyon Near Las Vegas This spectacular and amazing oasis is situated near Las Vegas in America. The oasis is  very large with an area of around 520 acre. It is located at the base of Wilson Cliffs. It’s been a camping and resting site for travelers since ages. Today it has is $6.00 per car entrance fee. There are historic tours, horseback trail rides and many other group events.

1. Agua Caliente, Tucson, Arizona

Agua Caliente, Arizona Agua Caliente, Tuscon, Arizona Source This beautiful oasis has turned into a recreational park. According to the archeological evidences found, the oasis had inhabitation at least 5000 years back. It has warm spring fed ponds, palm trees and paved sand walking trails. The Oasis is located in Tucson, Arizona.

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