Top 10 Movie Worlds It Would Be Awesome To Live In

The movie worlds are the creation of the writer’s imagination. It can only take us as far as the writer can express his/her imagination. The viewers can tell a good movie from bad when the world of it becomes so real that what the viewer would not give to be a part of that world, even for a little bit of time. The only worst part of it is the return to reality. I have summed up 10 movies in which I am pretty sure many of you have dreamed of spending your lives. Please tell in the comments about the movie world in which you would like to live in.


10. The Incredibles

We might have seen many things about super heroes. But the story of The Incredibles is of a family who have special powers since birth but aren’t allowed to use it. It’s like our daily life that suddenly we see some extra ordinary people saving victims and say “Hey, superheroes do exist”. By that fact I’m pretty sure I would want to be a part of this world, and might even get my hopes up to even be a part of such super powered family.


9. Arrested Development

Arrested Development was a TV series. And the reason behind the involvement of the only TV series in this blog is because of the story of the series. The story is not about some specific thing or person, but it is about an ordinary family who deal with their problems as a family. It seems like a boring and ordinary story but if you have actually seen it. The stuff shown is pretty good. How every member tries to back stab his/her family, but at the same time taking very good care of them as well. There are many series but all of them have some primary story or plot but this one just shows the life of a family. It would be hell fun to be a part of something like this.


8. Back to the Future

The Back to the future world is just as ordinary as the one we all are living in right now. But chances are that ‘IF’ any of us knew Doc we could have ended up in the adventure of a life time. Going back in time and then ahead of the present time is most likely to be the dream of many people. To see your history and the way you might end up is something very exciting to be a part of. You have to admit that you dreamt of having a hover board or wanted to try how a de-hydrated pizza tastes like. I would definitely want to end up in such kind of world where your life isn’t as boring as the people in the Back to the future.


7. Marvel Universe

Almost all of you might be aware of the Marvel Universe. For those who don’t know. It is the place where all the Marvel Heroes Exist. All of you have to admit that in some part of your life you wanted to become a super hero, you wanted to have all those amazing super powers. With the very existence of such a universe all those dreams could have surely come true. According to my perspective, in such a universe life wouldn’t have been such ‘NORMAL’. But what the heck, it’s your dream world isn’t it. Some of the popular Marvel Heroes which some of you might have loved to work with are: Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk, Thor, Captain America etc.


6. DC Universe

This universe is also as popular as the Marvel Universe. In fact these two are competing against each other as both of these universes have super heroes in them. Same as the marvel heroes, DC heroes are very much popular as well. Many of them are truly admired by people that they consider it would be the best thing ever to happen to them, if they could only exist in such a universe. The dream characters of DC universe are; Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash etc.


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  1. Lord of the rings and whole of Tolkein’s universe should have been in the list too, can’t understand the reason why it isn’t here…!!!

  2. Wheres The nightmare before Christmas???
    Alice in Wonderland?
    Charlie and the chocolate factory?

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