Top 10 Amusement Parks in US




Disneyland Resort - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
This particular place has an annual visitor rate of around 20 million people. That’s one of the reasons we believe that it is the best when it comes to Disneyland. This place was originally opened up by Walt Disney himself back in the year 1955. This place has to be one of the best attractions in California. Enjoy.



Schlitterbahn - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
This happens to be the only waterpark that has been able to jump in this list and that too at the number four spot. The resort is comprised of three different parks and it offers more than forty different rides. There are seventeen different slides you can enjoy in this place. There are nine tube chutes, three lazy rivers and more than three miles of crazy tube rides. The place is humungous and the rides it offers are nothing short of a complete thrill. Have a blast folks.



King's Island - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
This place wasn’t really that big when it first opened up. But time is magic and it has ended up at number three on our list. It is built over a 364 acre area and offers no less than 80 rides. If you are into rollercoasters, this place featrues 15 of them including the world’s tallest wooden rollercoaster that goes by the name of Son of Beast. It also happens to be the fastest wooden rollercoaster. Also, one of the main attractions that opened up in 2009 is Diamondback. Be sure to visit this place if you are in Ohio.



Walt Disney World - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
You guys know how Disney lands work. I am sure all of you have been there at least once in your life. This place is home to the most iconic landmarks and perhaps the most attending amusement parks in the world. This place is a collection of four different theme parks. The most famous one of those is perhaps the Magic Kingdom where you can find the Cinderella Castle and Main Street U.S.A. Before I forget, if you do happen to visit this place, make sure you go to Spaceship Earth. You can thank us later.



Cedar Point - Top Ten Amusement Parks in US
This park has been constructed on a total area of around 364 acres. It offers 75 amazing rides, ten shows, a water park and believe it or not, 17 different roller coasters. I challenge you try all the seventeen rollercoasters in one day without getting sick. I believe that is physically impossible. The rollercoasters will blind you with speed and their zero gravity moments. This park is truly a must visit if you are in the area because otherwise there is no sense to be in Ohio. At least, I believe that.

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