10 Amazing Street Art Paintings

5. Reebook Crossfit, London, Docklands

Joe and Max made one of the world’s largest and longest 3D street artwork. The really very huge 3D street art measures 1160 meters square and is 106 meters long, which broke the record of the biggest street 3D painting. The work of art was painted in London’s West India Quays. This 3D painting is biggest 3D street painting in Guinness World Records as biggest 3D painting.


4. Central Shopping Center, Macau, China

Qi Xinghua made a 3D street painting in Macau, China which is very long 3D painting. This is really master piece of 3D Street in Macau, China. The 3D picture was 120m long and created to celebrate the second anniversary of the Central Shopping Centre in Macau. Qi Xinghua is expecting world record 2012 in Guinness Book of World Records longest 3D painting.


3. Brandon Trust bridge, Bristol, England

This 3D street painting was a symbol that supports Brandon trust, Brandon Trust bridge 3D painting was painted during the Brandon Trust Awareness Week in November 2010:


2. Ice Abyss.

It is another master piece of renowned German painter, Edgar Muller who painted this piece of art in the “Festival of World Culture” held from 21st to 24th august 2008. It is an absolutely breath taking 3D street painting which he made to continued his series of large size 3D street art.


1. Anti-AIDS Campaign, Oslo, Norway

Norwegian artist Manfred Stader painted 3D painting in Oslo during the campaign against the Aids/HIV. This campaign was also supported by the Norway’s Crown Princess Mette-Mari The crown princess Mette-Mari, who has also works as a special envoy for the UN’s AIDS project.

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