15 Fascinating, Unique and Weird Spiders

We as a kid have wondered about the specie of the spider that gave such magical and super powers to the Spider-Man. This list might not be including that spider but is a collection of some unique, interesting and weird spiders. Thorn Spider Thorn Spider

15. Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs Daddy Long Legs Spider Source The unique spider is from the Opiliones order. This specie of  spider has only two eyes, unlike the other species having six or eight eyes. The spider has very long legs, eight in number, giving it the name, Daddy Long Legs. The spider is also known as Harvestman. It uses it’s fangs to inject venom into it’s prey to kill it.

14. Purse Web Spider, male – Sphodros atlanticus

 Purseweb Spider, male - Sphodros atlanticus   Purse Web Spider, male – Sphodros atlanticus Purse Web spiders are shiny black spiders, medium in size with an over-sized chelicerae. They have 8 sprawling legs and two body parts. They are hatched from eggs and travel long distances in search of females once grown. Instead of weaving a web, they knit a tight and upright silken tube. They feed on insects and small spiders. They bite and are dangerous to those sensitive to spider bites. For the rest, they cause no harm.

13. Crab Spider

Crab Spider Crab Spider Crab Spider Crab Spider Close Up Source This eye catching spider, blending beautifully in it’s surroundings, among colorful flowers is known as Thomisidae and belongs to the family Philodromidae. The spider doesn’t build web but waits for it’s prey among the flowers. Some species change color to match the flower or leaf they sit on. Their 2nd pair of legs is longer than the 1st, 3rd and 4th pair. The common colors are yellow, green, orange, white or grey. They get their name due to their resemblance with crabs.

12. Mopsus Mormon – Green Jumping Spider – Australia

Green jumping spider Mopsus mormon Mopsus Mormon – Green Jumping Spider – Australia It is an Australian spider from the family Salticidae. The females are 12mm in length. The spider occurs in New Guinea, New South Wales and Western Australia. The male spiders have bright and sharp colors. They have long and attractive white “side whiskers” and a topknot of black hairs. Females lack the whiskers and topknot, but have a red and white elegant “mask”.

11. Goliath Bird Eating Spider

Goliath Birdeating Spider
Goliath Bird-Eating Spider The weird spider belongs to the Tarantula family. The spider is found in South American forests. It has a leg span of up to 12 inches. They usually don’t eat birds. But they are seldom found eating a baby bird. Usually they eat mice, mealworms and crickets. They build no web. Their legs make hissing sounds. They are very harmful. On contact, they cause severe irritation to human skin.

10. Wasp Spider

Wasp Spider Wasp Spider on Finger Wasp Spider Wasp Spider known as Argiope bruennichi scientifically, is usually found in Europe. This spider lives  in rough grassy lands and makes it’s web on grass. It makes a beautiful zig-zag web. It has a poisonous venom. It captures it’s prey in it’s silken web and injects the insect with a paralyzing venom and a protein dissolving enzyme. It has a unique black and yellow pattern on it’s abdomen.

9. Writing Spider


Writing Spiders Writing Spider Source Spiders no doubt are amazing artists. They build their home skillfully and artistically. Writing Spider, Yellow and Black Garden Spider or Corn Spider is one such spider, from the genus Argiope. They have striking colored abdomen. They get their name, writing spider, from their practice of building their web or nest in a pattern of Zs and Xs down the center. They bite but are not dangerous. The male spider is much smaller than the female spider in size. He spins a companion web alongside the female spider and then the female lays her eggs. The female spider then places her egg sac containing 400-1400 eggs into the web.


8. Fishing Spider

Fishing Spider Fishing Spider Fishing Spiders belong to the family Pisauridae. These spiders have a hunting nature and follow a strategy to hunt their prey. This nature gives them their unique name, Fishing Spider. It is found near puddles and lakes. It sits quietly waiting for it’s prey. Once it finds it’s target, it darts out onto the insect in the water and grabs the prey. They can swim and walk on water.


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