12 Cool and Unique Hi-Tech Gadgets Under $100

Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming. It’s time to buy gift for your loved ones. But gift buying always brings confusion with it. We want to buy the ideal gift for our loved ones and can’t decide what to buy. This list is a collection of hi-tech cool and unique gadgets under $100 which make excellent and useful gift items.


12. Cloud B Twilight Ladybug – Night Light ($32)

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug - Night Light
Cloud B Twilight Ladybug – Night Light
This is an ideal gift for your princess who gets scared in dark. Twilight Ladybug – Constellation Night light is an excellent way to make her happy and make the fear run away. It transforms room into a magical place with it’s beauty and elegance. The night light floats away in the room. You can make your child’s bedroom heaven like by sticking glowing stars and moon on the roof top and placing this beautiful night light on his or her bed side table. It’s available in three colors: Sapphire blue, ruby red and emerald green. It runs on a AAA battery and can be purchased at a price of $32.


11. MP3 Player Bluetooth Sunglasses ($38.99)

Sunglasses MP3 Player with Bluetooth 1GB Sun Glasses
This stylish Mp3 Player sunshades are an excellent choice while driving, jogging or hiking. The MP3 Player works for all Bluetooth mobile phones and can be used with non-Bluetooth mobile phones and Mp3 Players with the use of a cable. It has a built in rechargeable battery and embedded microphone. The sunglasses have a built in memory of 1 GB.


10. Your Zone Speaker Pillow ($14)

your zone speaker pillow, grey flannel
Your Zone Speaker Pillow, Grey Flannel
your zone speaker pillow, pink flannel
Your Zone Speaker Pillow, Pink Flannel
This interesting gadget is for all music lovers. This soft pillow has inbuilt speakers. Just plug your favourite mp3 or mp4 player into its port and you can enjoy music while sleeping. Wallmart.com offers it at a price as low as $14.


9. Navman N40i Automobile Navigator ($ 75)

Navman N40i Automobile Navigator
Navman N40i Automobile Navigator
This device has high technology GPS navigation system. It comes with a 3.5″ touch screen. This excellent friend and guide while travelling can be purchased from Amazon.com at a price of $75.


8. Scratch-n-Scroll Noteable Mousepad ($ 15)

Scratch and Scroll Mousepad
This interesting gadget is an excellent choice for all those who need a pen and paper to jott down some reminder, phone number or idea or to make some calculations while working on their desk and can’t find a pen and a paper. We can now simply write whatever we feel like on this mouse pad cum writing pad with the help of our finger or a plastic stylus. It’s slim and has a smooth surface. It can be purchased at a price of $ 15 from link. It’s a brilliant gift for your father or husband who gets irritated on not finding a pen on his table.


7. Music Mouse Pad with Speaker & Microphone & USB Port & Midi Jack  ($12.59)

Music Mouse Pad with Speaker & Microphone & USB Port & Midi Jack
Music Mouse Pad with Speaker & Microphone & USB Port & Midi Jack
This amazing mouse is all in one, serving multiple functions. It includes a brilliant quality voice chat system, mic, speakers, USB port, stereoscopic connectors for headset and audio output, mini LED indicator and a clean mouse pad. The system has multi platform compatibility and requires no drivers for  XP, 2000, 98SE, Linux 2.4 & mac OS 8.5 etc. All this is available at an amazing price of $12.59 at link.

2 thoughts on “12 Cool and Unique Hi-Tech Gadgets Under $100

  1. Cloud B Twilight Ladybug is something that a person always looks for her child and i am sure that these kind of gadgets can make a child smile before his sleep. Thanks for the post and keep up the good work…

  2. These are good christmas present ideas that dont make you break the bank. I like the magic mug idea – it is ingenious and very personal. Great list

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