11 Innovative and Interesting Ways to Generate Power

5. Snake

anakonda Anaconda Anaconda is a snake with a rubber tube body, 200 yards in length or longer, filled with nothing but water. The snake is capable of generating 1MW (Megawatt) of power per year. The set up contains harnessed snakes, allowed to swim. The waves in the sea stimulate a ‘bulge wave’ which passes down the tube and gathers enough energy to drive a turbine in its tail. The electricity generated by the turbine can be captured and carried to shore by cables. Groups of 50 anacondas could each generate enough electricity to power 50,000 homes. The project is being developed by the Checkmate Group said.


4. Waste Tea Leaves

Used Tea Leaves Used Tea Leaves A Pakistani scientist, Dr. Syed Tajamul Hussain, working at National Center for Physics (NCP) (Islamabad), invented a nano-catalyst with his research team, to produce low carbon emission bio-diesel and ethanol from used tea leaves. The nanoparticles canĀ  produce 560 ml of bio-diesel from each kilogram of used tea. If scaled up to a commercial basis, it would be a giant step towards production of alternative energy resources.


3. Heat Up Roads

Heat Up Roads Can Generate Electricity Heated Up Roads Can Generate Power
Concrete roads absorb a lot of heat. A company from Holland, Ooms Avenhorn Groep bv, came up with a brilliant idea of using this heat to generate power. The heat can be extracted and used. Here they use the heat to warm water running in pipes under the roads. This warm water can be used to generate electricity as well as can be supplied to houses and buildings. This system provides hot water to the buildings while keeping the roads ice free in winters. This reduces gas bills and road maintenance and can produce electricity too.


2. Walking on Special Tiles

Walking on Special Tiles to Generate Electricity Tiles at Airport Generate Electricity In Japan piezoelectric tiles are being used to generate electricity. This picture is taken at the Tokyo Station where people walk on piezoelectric tiles which in turn generate electricity. Subways, airports, shopping malls and MRT stations are places where hundreds of thousands of people walk everyday e.g. 2.4 million people pass through the sprawling Shibuya Station on an average week day. “An average person, weighing 60 kg, will generate only 0.1 watt in the single second required to take two steps across the tile,” said Yoshiaki Takuya, a planner with Soundpower Corp. “But when they are covering a large area of floor space and thousands of people are stepping or jumping on them, then we can generate significant amounts of power.” So every step matters and the combined power generation is amazing and impressive. This idea needs to be implemented worldwide.


1. Antimatter

Antimatter Antimatter Antimatter is the opposite to ordinary matter. It is composed of antiparticles like normal matter is composed of particles. For example a positron (antiparticle of electron) and an antiproton forms antihydrogen atom. As antiparticles are made just like normal matter, they have the same mass as that of the ordinary matter but with opposite atomic properties known as spin and charge. We all know that the opposed particles annihilate each other on meeting and release tremendous amounts of energy as dictated by Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2. This principle is under experiment to generate power. NASA is putting large efforts and huge funding in this direction.

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