10 Worst Jobs in the World

Do you hate your job? Do you think you are not getting paid enough or have a bad job? Are you thinking about quitting your job just because your boss yelled at you for the first time in your career? Well think again because Smashing Lists is providing you the top 10 worst jobs you can imagine having. Hopefully every time you are thinking of quitting your job, the post will help you realize what you are doing is not that bad.


10. Elephant Dung Inspector

Remember being to zoo for an elephant ride? You probably thought that the person who gets to control the elephant is some super awesome guy who with one tiny signal could make the elephant do anything it has been taught. But behind the scene no one knows how much stuff he goes through, and when I say stuff, I literally mean it. You see when you are an elephant some times its difficult to digest the food easily without exercising (running around). So the instructor or some worker has to put his/her hand into the elephant to make it stuff easily. I dare you to say you hate your job.


9. Animal Masturbator

The researchers who are dealing with different types of studies on animals may require animal semen for studying. They might want to study fertility or artificial insemination. The researchers are not the topic of discussion, but the person who has to get that sperm is surely to be pitied. There are two ways to get an animal to ejaculate without the help of its female partner. One is artificial vagina (AV), the other is the old fashioned way, manual stimulation. Both ways this is one of the most disgusting job ever, and we should feel sorry for the people working there.


8. Animal Pregnancy Tester

Did you think that there were special machines for animals to check if they are pregnant or not. A farmer literally checks the pregnancy of his farm animals himself. The procedure is simple but extremely gross. The instructions for the pregnancy test are: put an arm length glove, spread some lube on it and insert it into the rectum of the cow. The doctors say that the unborn animal would be the size of a softball if you can feel it you will be able to answer the question, is she pregnant or not. I think some of you might re consider about bursting at your boss anytime.


7. Road-kill Remover


Many of you might have hit a dog or a cat while driving, either by mistake or while you’re drunk. The title is self-explaining the dangerous and bad job of the people who are assigned to take care of those animals, while peeling the remains of them off the road. Despite the fact that you have to clean up after miserable driver’s mistake they have to do their job while braving the oncoming traffic. And with the mistake of any other miserable driver you will be the next one getting removed from the road.


6. Carcass cleaner

Remember those times when your parents took you to a natural history museum, where you were fascinated by different kinds of stuffed animals in almost every room. The level of fascination for you was beyond imagination that you suddenly decided to be a zoologist, so you could study the nature of those animals. Little did you know that before going to that level what kind of pathetic job you had to do. Even a lot of grown-ups don’t know what steps are taken before the creature is ready to be displayed. The zoologists clean up the corpses of the animals which are used for displays later. Every zoologist has its own method for doing so. It may include immersing the body in boiling chemicals, placing maggots on the carcass to suck off the blood from the body or picking off the leftover flesh of the creature. Which person would want this job? But people still do. A person can’t literally say the two word phrase about his job, “GOOD TIMES”.


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