10 Weirdest Ingredients Used in Beauty Products and Cosmetics


2. Cochineal Beetles used in Cosmetics

Red Lipstick having color from Beetles
Grinding Cochineal Beetles
Grinding Cochineal BeetlesBeetle used in Dyes and Cosmetics
Cochineal Beetles
Cochineal Beetles
The crimson red color in many dyes and cosmetics comes from Cochineal Beetles. The beetles are soaked in hot water, dried and then crushed to give the deep red color. The color is then used in many cosmetics including hair dyes and whats more scary and gross, in lipsticks from many manufactures.


1. Whale’s Vomit in Perfumes

Perfume with whale vomit
Perfume with Whale Vomit
Whale Vomit
Whale Vomit
Many expensive perfumes like Oceans by Nautica include whale vomit also known as ambergris. The ocean like fragrance in the perfume comes from nothing else but carefully collected natural whale’s vomit. Huge chunks of whale’s vomit float in the ocean for years and absorb the scent of the sea. It is usually found on beaches in South America or Australia. Today many companies have replaced the natural puke with artificially produced fragrance. But imagine spraying whale’s puke on your body. It’s the same as a whale puking on you. Gross.


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