10 Weirdest Ingredients Used in Beauty Products and Cosmetics

I grew up seeing the use of cucumber, papaya, almond, honey, aloe vera, olive oil and eggs among many other ingredients for skin and hair care. But today I came to know of some shocking and gross ingredients used in cosmetics. This list sums up 10 such ingredients.


10. Tequila Body Scrub

Tequila Body Scrub
Tequila Body Scrub
Mexico’s Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita offers a unique Punta Mita massage, which uses indigenous sage oil and tequila. Also known as the margarita body scrub, it is made from tequila, salt, oil and fresh lime juice. It is considered an excellent purifier, conditioner and natural astringent.


9. Mother Milk Soap

Mother Milk Soap
Mother Milk Soap
There are many people who use mother’s breast milk to produce soaps on a local or small scale. According to them a soap made from mother’s milk is excellent for skin.


8. Dead Algae in Cleansers and Face Masks

Lavera Faces Organic Mint Exfoliant Facial Mask having algae in it
Lavera Faces Organic Mint Exfoliant Facial Mask Having Algae
Diatomaceous earth or commonly known as dead algae is the fossilized remains of single-celled algae called diatoms. This slimy and disgusting algae  is used as exfoliating body scrub and skin cleaner. It is used in facials and for acne treatment too. Lavera Faces Organic Mint Exfoliant Facial Mask having algae is available commercially for $ 5.0


7. Nightingale Dropping in Facial

Nightingale Dropping Facial
Nightingale Dropping Facial
One of the most expensive facials in the world is based on nightingale’s droppings. Initially this treatment was used by Kabuki actors and geishas in Japan for lightening of skin. It is also considered an excellent cleanser to remove thick white make up. Now this weirdest facial treatment is available world wide. Salons in London offer it for £135. Guanine is a naturally occurring enzyme in nightingale droppings. Like other animal waste, nightingale droppings have high nitrogen content which can scrap off the dead skin. It is also effective in killing the bacteria. It heals the skin and bleaches it at the same time. Today the droppings are sterilized unlike the old days when they were applied as is but still they are nothing but bird’s poop.


6. Snail Secretions in Moisturizers and Creams for Acne and Stretch Marks

Knu Anti-Aging Tri-Complex having snail secretion
Knu Anti-Aging Tri-Complex
Snail Secretion
Snail Secretion
Carefully collected snail’s goo is an important and secret ingredient in many famous moisturizers. It is also used to remove scars, stretch marks and and to reduce acne. It is used in anti aging creams. Michael Todd Cosmetics KNU Anti-Aging Tri Complex moisturizer is rich in snail secretion. It is available for $130. According to the Michael Todd website: Scientists have concluded that this same substance can aid many human skin disorders because of its regenerative properties. Snail secretion facial is available in many salons for $ 175.

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