10 Unusual Babies : Medical Conditions

6. Frog like Baby : Anencephaly

In 2006, this bizarre-looking baby was born in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, attracting a huge number of onlookers to witness the astonishing sight. The neck-less baby with its head almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs literally popping out of the eye-sockets, was born to Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot.

The baby suffers from a cephalic disorder called Anencephaly that results from a neural tube defect that occurs when the cephalic (head) end of the neural tube fails to close. Children born with this condition lack the forebrain which is responsible for cognition i.e thinking. The remaining brain tissue is often exposed—not covered by bone or skin. There is no cure or standard treatment for anencephaly and the prognosis for patients is poor. Most anencephalic babies do not survive birth, accounting for 55% of non-aborted cases. If the infant is not stillborn, then he or she will usually die within a few hours or days after birth from cardiorespiratory arrest.


7. Baby with double Penis : Diphallia

Diphallia, penile duplication (PD), diphallic terata, or diphallasparatus, is a medical condition in which a male infant is born with two penises. This is an extremely rare disorder with only approximately 1000 cases of diphallia recorded since the first, reported by Johannes Jacob Wecker in 1609. Diphallia is a medical condition and should not be confused with genital bisection, which is an elective procedure which involves the splitting of the penis.


8. Baby with multiple Limbs : Polymelia

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Polymelia  is a birth defect involving limbs, in which the affected individual has more than the usual number of limbs. In humans and most land-dwelling animals, this means having five or more limbs. The extra limb is most commonly shrunken and/or deformed. Lakshmi was a child born in India, she is accepted as Hindu Goddess in India having multiple limbs.

The causes may be several. Sometimes an embryo starts as conjoined twins, but one twin degenerated completely except for one or more limbs, which end up attached to the other twin. Sometimes small extra legs between the normal legs are caused by the body axis forking.


9. World’s Smallest Baby : 21 weeks and six days

World's Smallest Baby
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On October 24th 2006, Amillia Taylor was born at 21 weeks and six days. No baby born at less than 23 weeks gestation had ever survived, but 10 ounce Amillia was able to pull through (and even was trying to breath and cry on her own at birth). Hospitals had initially hoped to release her yesterday, but decided to keep the now healthy baby a few extra days for observation.
Her mother doesn’t mind the wait, she’s just proud and happy that Amillia is healthy: “Even though she’s only four pounds (1.8 kilos) now, she’s plump to me.”


10. World’s Largest Baby

World's Largest Baby
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This baby born in Iran six months ago, currently weighs an enormous 20 kilos (44 pounds)! The parents say the baby was born a normal weight close to 8 pounds when he was born, but he keeps eating every hour. The Iranian doctors do not know what this eating disorder is or where it came from.

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  1. Those Harlequin babies are just shocking… the one pictured here is not much compared to the ones I’ve seen, and they’re definitely not any prettier.

    Thank you for the list, though.

  2. woah i am 15 years old my friend has a red eye problem that his mum said it was a rare deasese so i checked out this site but didnt find anything anyway my friend said it has no side effects or nothings he just looks kind of scary with the whole red i thing going just hoping to see something that can help get rid of it because i dont like seeing him with red eyes thanks

    from will (:

  3. It is amazing to see those baby born with so many extra limbs that I too often times thought about it all the time which is kinda strange after all these rare conditions could be more common in the near future perhaps hundreds of thousand years later with so many rare conditions can help us understand when we someday exploring an habitable planets and seeing creatures that looks familiar to us back on earth

  4. The Guy from Iran with the worlds largest baby. That is terrible I feel bad for parents that would feed their baby’s so much. And be happy about it.

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