10 Ways to Get Better Cleavage

Dunkin Donuts, husky buns and jelly bellies!

Peter Parker is no longer a photographer; he has decided to traffic doughnuts now. He specifically deals in curvaceous bakery these days. A man who has seen it all, all those women he helped, she-devils he plunged behind bars, kissed the subway girls and brought back peace to the divorcées. All of them had one thing in common; Spiderman loves to gander at the “cleavage”.

Fortunately we got the chance of asking a few directions to ourselves, here’s what he webbed for us.


10. Respect the Jockey

The word you are looking for is respect. This lets you choose and size your brasserie very carefully; you don’t want looking like the paunchy pig or the bony girl at your favorite party. You have to spend time and good money on your undergarments; you know allow room for your “interior” to spark up. Eh!


9. Massage your Knobs

I wish I had the hands of a nun and the groins of Mr. Pitt, sorry Jolie, my bad. A good thumping to you jugs daily allows for a retained cushioning feel throughout all the hugging and squeezing you go through. You may use the clinically famed “INTIMIA” breast pillow to remove the unexpected toughening while you sleep off your hangovers. BBBBrrrring it!


8. Stick fridge note “Ultra-soft, Ultra-light”

It’s no shame hiding it from your husband, just stick the two words on your kitchen fridge door and THAT’s IT. Every morning you wake up pissed off, just face the sink and give your chest puppies a lift, do them every morning. This way the slagging balconies will have a fresher air each day for a start.


7. Oil them

With great oil comes great responsibility, and with responsibility comes the promised Gland Canyon. You have to get hold of some good Olay box and use it daily. Are you tired of lonesome therapy then ask your boyfriend to lubricate the rack for you whilst using pure plant essentials to kick up the line.


6. Integration

This method requires you to treat your busts as your entire body. Imagine kneading your favorite dough powder on your honeymoon, that’s how you should begin. Most women tend to feel less and less towards breast care. It’s not just the bra genie you need to question; you have to grow them, just like any other part of your chassis, if your cans need a new bag, get one. Don’t forget, breast tissue is VERY delicate.

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