10 Tips For Surviving a Bear Attack


5. Run Downhill

While it isn’t always a good idea to run away from a bear, you should consider it if there is a hill near you. Since the hind legs of a bear are shorter than their front legs, it makes it really difficult for them to run downhill. Note that this doesn’t mean it won’t be able to chase you downhill. It simply means that it will be harder for them and you may end up getting away unharmed.


4. Play Dead

This advice has been overused and portrayed everywhere: when a bear attacks you, play dead. Place your arms over your head and curl up into a tight ball. Don’t move once you’re in this position. While it can be difficult, this will be your best bet if you’re getting attacked. You may end up getting bitten or scratched but at least you’re alive. After the bear leaves, get up slowly and make your way towards help. If the bear is still nearby then there is a good chance that it will attack again. Don’t get up until you’re sure it’s gone.

If the bear continues to attack then you’ll need to resort to something else. In the case that they don’t stop, grab something and start fighting back. Grab a stick or rock and poke them in the eye. Do as much damage as you possibly can. You have nothing to lose as the bear is going to continue to attack either way. If you have bear spray then this would be the ideal time to use it. If possible, roll into a river or off the edge of a drop-off. Anything that will separate you from the bear at this point will be a good idea.


3. Don’t Climb a Tree

Climbing a tree is about the worst thing you can do if you’re attacked by a bear. Bears are incredibly good climbers and will easily catch you. If you already happen to be in a tree then don’t try to kick the bear away as you’ll probably end up getting injured. Try to jump off and run. If that isn’t possible, jump off and play dead. Then continue to follow the tips presented in the previous section.


2. Stand Your Ground

Bears are territorial creatures but sometimes you can discourage an attack if you just stand your ground. This is especially true if you’re with more than one person. If they are charging towards you then make a lot of noise and make yourself look as big as possible. While this won’t work every time, it is another step that you can take to prevent an attack.


1. Have a Gun

Probably the best thing you can do is carry a firearm. If you’re going to be in an area where you know there’s going to be bears then try to have a gun with you. This will dramatically increase your chances of surviving a bear attack. Just note: once you shoot a bear and it starts to die, it will automatically go into a crazed frenzy and attack you no matter what. Make sure that you get a kill shot or continue to shoot until it is dead to prevent it from attack you.

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