10 Things You Shouldn’t be able to Buy Online but Can

Ebay and Amazon have been doing great and buying stuff at internet has become very easy. From the huge lot of products that get auctioned at the internet, there has been a never ending list of the items that we thought would probably never make it to the auction but they did. This is the list of 10 example products from the never-ending list  that we thought either wouldn’t be or shouldn’t be available on the internet.


10. An Airplane

The price of an own flying machine would definitely be scary but Aircraft Shopper Online website gives access to your plane right away with loan and easy installments. However the site does’nt offer any pilot license so we might have to learn tht ourselves or buy an amphibian plane. It also offers you relic planes from World War II. (Link)


9. Venomous Snakes:

Selling alive animals on internet is definitely not so good but how about a venomous snake, even a cobra? you will be thrilled to know it’s an option. (Link) If your neighbor has always wanted a cobra as a pet, you are probably less thrilled to know that is an option. But don’t worry: The website says purchasers are responsible for safe handling and following applicable laws.


8. The James Bond Experience

American based Bluefish Concierge service has mastered the art of the ultimate experience and travel. Nothing seems to be too exclusive or difficult for the company. That’s why it needed to be challenged. You can be given a mission and race around the world as more than 200 actors will entertain your fantasy. At one point the evil Octopussy team (composed solely out of sexy women) can kidnap you from your yacht and after a daring escape why not play some high stakes poker in a Monte Carlo casino? (Link)


7. Human Skull

If you have this morbid desire of dead things then this is an artistic beauty. The Bone Room has received a stock of rare Yamas – Tibetan decorated human skulls. Steeped in Tibetan Buddhist imagery, though they came from China, these skulls are a rare acquisition. This store offers Tibetan decorated real human skull for just $1500, a little too pricely for your craniums but satisfactory for crazy. (Link)


6. Uranium

Yea you heard me right, it’s the same stuff that Iran is supposedly attempting to turn into nuclear weapons. Isn’t the Internet awesome? The cheapest lump of radioactive ore is only 29 bucks but sure this is low-grade stuff with no radioactivity which would be not much fun to bomb your neighbor but didn’t we invade Iraq over fake uranium? The scary part is they are sold out of radioactive ore which probably means someone out there owns uranium simply because he had an internet access.

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