10 Things You Must Do on Mother’s Day

Mother is God’s blessing for us. She loves her children selflessly like no one else can. She is the most sincere person of our life. She is a friend, a teacher, a guide, a doctor, a psychologist. In short she is everything for her child and we can never return the same love. In today’s modern era, many of us don’t have enough time to express our love for her. Many just limit it to mother’s day. Many don’t even bother on mother’s day either. Every day of the year is mother’s day and we should love her, take care of her and make her feel special always. Mother’s day is a day to acknowledge and thank our mothers for everything she has sacrificed to make our lives better. One little gesture of ours will make her love this world and her life. I am listing down a few ideas for making mother’s day and every day of her life special for your mother. But don’t limit yourself to these few random ideas. Do what you feel like. Do what you think will be loved by your mother.


1. Bed Tea and Morning Breakfast

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To start the day, make her bed tea and a morning breakfast which she would love. Go to her room and wake her up with a good morning kiss. Do what she does for you every morning. While serving that give her a tight hug or a kiss and smile that would keep her happy and energetic all through the day.


2. Never Shout at Her

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Never shout at your mom. Make a promise to yourself that you would control your temper. You would love your mom in her old age like she loved you in your childhood. You don’t need to tell her that you are making this promise. Your attitude will tell her. And keep the promise.


3. Give Her Time

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Give her gift of time. Talk to her, listen to her. She spent all her life taking care of you. She left her friends, may be her job too and now she has no one but you. Ask her if she is taking her medicines properly. If she prefers staying at home, stay home with her. If she loves watching movies or shopping take time on mother’s day specially and on other days generally to take her out for a movie or shopping. Just give her the time for anything she needs.


4. Buy Her a Gift

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Buy a gift for her. It can be anything. It can be some perfume or jewelry or a dress or a pair of sandals. Anything she talked about randomly on the dinner table. Buy something which she needs and couldn’t find time to buy or didn’t consider her need important. No matter how ordinary it might seem to you, it will be the most special gift for her. But please remember one thing. A gift is just a little gesture. You make the gift special and important for her. She can go and buy it herself. So giving her a bouquet or baking a cake for her is just not enough. It’s your love which she needs the most.


5. Help Her With Household work

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Help her in doing household chores and you can do this always. If she is doing dishes, you can place them in the cupboard. If she is ironing, you can hang the dresses. In this way both of you will spend time together and will talk also. She would find the work entertaining and not tiring.

One thought on “10 Things You Must Do on Mother’s Day

  1. Where I grew up in Germany, Mother’s Day was similar to the US. There also was a Father’s Day observed on Ascension Day, where the guys would get together, hang out and do guy things all day, away from family.

    Comparing those days, my mom always said the women got the raw end of the deal… again.

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