10 Super Lame Comic Book Super Heroes

The main attraction of a comic super hero is the super awesome wicked amazing spectacular power he possess but as the comic writers kept in drawing them and went out of creativity, they gave birth to the stupidest super-heroes with fancy outfits but totally bad powers.


10. Jubilee

Jubilee or Jubilation Lee was the creation of marvel comics and was a member of the mutant team the X-Men. Her first appearance in the comic was in Uncanny X-Men #244 (May, 1989), and was included in the popular X-Men animated series (1992). I recently watched the series again and obviously loved it. But the character of jubilee being a regular cast was a bit disappointing. She is all-things-great except for possessing lame super powers. Her “super” power is shooting some fancy colored beams from her hands, which the writer named as ability to project pyrotechnic energy. Basically no one can figure out how much her beams damage so it’s not sure if her powers are a bit worthless or totally worthless. I love X-Men, but they shouldn’t be putting lame powered heroes as their regulars.


9. Dazzler

Alison Blaire was the creation of marvel comics. Her first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #130 (February1980). She was a mutant and was a member of the mutant team X-Men. What kind of super powers did she posses? The answer is the power to sing or in other words she had the ability to convert sound into light beams of various forms and intensity. Looking at that, I have no idea how she used to defeat her enemies. Her creators say that she was created just to build up a relationship between two companies Casablanca Records and Marvel Comics which did not last long so the character was just useless, both in comics and in the real world. I don’t know what professor X saw in her to let her join the X-Men.


8. Cypher

Cypher whose “human” name was Doug Ramsey was the creation of marvel comics, and was included in the new Marvel comic series of X-Men named “New Mutants”. His first appearance was in New Mutants vol. 1 #13 (March 1984). Well, his appearance seemed cool and all but after finding out his powers I was a bit disappointed. Okay, well, a bit more than a bit. I mean he can’t even fight as a normal person, let alone with the mutant’s strength. He could translate any languages he comes in contact with, including written, spoken, computer, or body language which by the way both translators and programmers can do. When it’s time to fight the enemy he is totally worthless but well he could come handy translating manuals of your Chinese electronics for you.


7. Matter Eater Lad

Tenzil Kem or more not famously known as Matter Eater Lad, is the creation of DC comics. He was first introduced in Adventure Comics #303, (December 1963). When the DC comics were at the peak of their teenage super hero teams, they were slowly running out of ideas about what powers can be given to their characters. And I think they might have become really desperate that they created this one, whose special powers were to eat through any substance. I mean he can’t just nom nom every villain he fights. Because I think there was a policy in comics against cannibalism. If he could chop off every villain, it would have been so cool but sadly he didn’t violate the comic-policy. So his “super” power is to make the restaurants go bankrupt. Cool, no?


6. The Red Bee

The red bee was created in 1940 by hit comics, but later became part of DC comics in 1956. This guy was basically a powerless kind of person who used to wear a red pirate shirt with pink poufy sleeves along with red and yellow striped tights, which shows that not only he couldn’t fight he didn’t even had taste in fashion. So I was hoping to find out what kind of mystical powers he might possess, turned out he had none. However what made him truly stupid and useless was not his taste in fashion, but because he had a trained bee, yes you read it correctly it was not a radioactive super bee or some other super powered bee, but instead it was a normal bee named Michael living in his buckle who used to do all the ass kicking in his comics. The specialty of the bee other than martial art skills was its sting. But the joke was on the creator because later it was found out that male bees don’t have stings. So the human was just an excuse for a comic book super hero, but in reality the comic book should have been all about the bee.


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