10 Stunt Men Who Died Doing the Stunts

A stunt is an unusual, eye opening act that is performed in movies and theaters for artistic purposes. Stunts are taken as main action items in a movie. There are movies which are actually known for the stunts they have. But who performs these stunts? Certainly the main action figures, the lead actors, would not risk their life for anything. To keep things going, a stuntman is hired to do the stunts. The scene is framed in such a way that it looks as if the stunt has been performed not by anyone other than the actor himself.

Every stunt man has to show the courage of doing stunts like high jumps, extreme driving, fighting with the fire, tripping & falling down and the like. In almost every stunt, the stunt man risks his life to add colors to a movie. Out of many stunts performed over the ages, some of the stuntmen have sacrificed their lives and suffered from injuries in the process (5 deaths for every 2000 injuries). From 1980 to 1990 37 deaths of stuntmen took place while being filmed on the roll. Let’s see a few movies and the names of the stuntmen who featured in them and lost their lives.


10. Red Cliff

Red Cliff, a 2008 movie, pictures the battle fought in 220-280 A.D., the China’s Three Kingdom period. The movie stars Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Fengyi Zhang in the cast. In the movie there was a scene in which two boats were to ram each other. The smaller of the two boats was on fire. Tragically the fire spread quickly than thought of, causing the death of stuntman Lu Yanqing. Poor work by the management was said to be the cause, since it was 2008, anti fire suits were also available.


9. XXX

Released in 2002, XXX starred Vin Diesel, Asia Argento and Samuel L. Jackson. Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) was an extreme sports athlete and was recruited on special missions by the government forcefully. It was a blockbuster hit, full of stunts and eye catching scenes. Unfortunately, little to our knowledge, stuntman Harry L. O’Connor died in the movie in the process of trying to land on a submarine. His fierce impact with a bridge at a high speed was the cause of his death.


8. Exit Wounds

A good cop discovers a web of dirty cops in the city, the plot of the story. Released in 2001 starring Steven Seagal, DMX and Isaiah Washington; wasn’t a very famous movie. The tragedy during the filming happened when, in a chase scene, a van was being towed along a street, upside down. Stuntman Chris Lamon was supposed to roll safely out of the van but unfortunately got his head struck and passed away after six days.


7. Taxi 2

Taxi 2 was an action comedy movie released in 2000. There were a lot of car stunts in the movie, obviously done by a team of stuntmen. During a stunt, the car (a Peugot 406) was supposed to land on a card board pile after a stunt as per the calculations. Unfortunately it missed the landing mark and hit several crew causing the death of a ‘danger zone’ camera man who was risking his life for getting the close angle shots. Another camera man lost both of his legs in the same accident but happened to survive.


6. Love Serenade

Love Serenade is a love triangle comedy movie released in 1996 starring Miranda Otto, Rebecca Frith and George Shevtsov. The movie has a scene on a grain silo. In the scene Geroge Shevtsov was supposed to jump and land on an air bag. When the scene was being shot, stuntman Collin Dragsbaek jumped and landed on a faulty air bag causing his death. Would any one really care about any one dying when the moving is rolling? Ironic, people died to make us laugh.


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