10 Skills a Man Must Possess

5. Cooking and Kitchen Chores

Wives cooking for you and waiting at home are now times of yore. They have to go office like you, they are as busy as you so either you’d have to share the work or if you are single you have to be dependent on yourself, remember your mom will one day stop leaving cute notes on the food she left for you in fridge. Buying outdoor food for daily basis is I would say stupidity since you’ll be prone to Diabetes always so you better cook yourself and if you are married and she works then don’t be authoritative to be a man, you’ll have to share the chores with her equally and honestly hunting or relying on barbecue only neither brings you even close to a cook nor you can live healthy with it.


4. Teach your Kids (if you have)

Okay so mommy might not be there always, so before moving on to teaching the kids, you should teach yourself how to change diapers and clean poos and poops. Now when your child is growing up, it’s the daddy’s responsibility to cast a line but be sure to lend them a hand and teach them the rough stuff like how to change a tire, throw a spiral, fly a stunt kite, drive a stick shift, parallel park, tie a bowline or necktie and to ride a bike so that you can be a good daddy.


3. Good Conversation and Making Out

A good conversation is a skill. An ideal form of communication is an art that many men don’t possess. For a successful conversation, the partners must achieve a workable balance of contributions, which a man has to allow and not to dominate. He should know the interests of others to pick up a mutually interesting topic. A man should know how to do this and keep a handful of humor and in-jokes, he should also be aware of the most current affairs. And remember its the good conversation that matters the most in making a relation successful and yes making out and making love skills do matter when you have to make up a permanent bond.


2. Deal Emergency and First Aid

Now this could mean life or death. We shall not state this with restraint about the possible significance of this skill. You should know how to perform a hand’s only-CPR, reverse hypothermia and perform the Heimlich. Dressing wounds and contusions are a must know. You never know when the weird things can happen, it would be really good for you and others if you knew the basics to treat frostbite, a burn, help a seizure victim, treat a snakebite and remove a tick. Not only this skill would make you the hero but it will keep everyone around you safer.


1. Master Key Workshop Tools for Indoor Fixing Things

With our lives becoming more driven by technology, blue-collar labor has been replaced with more white-collar employment, and teenagers are becoming better at programming Web sites than swinging hammers. But a man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with a WD-40, a vice grip and a roll of duct tape as said by Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. Calling a professional would cause you a many bucks not only when you are starting your home but every now and then since most household problems, from grating doors to leaky faucets, can be fixed easily by anyone with a clue. Grab and learn some basic workshop tools so that you can patch a radiator hose, paint n’ frame a wall, fix a faucet cartridge or a windowpane, shovel the right way, change a single-pole switch and sharpen a knife. Fixing things by yourself will save you a lot of greens and be more satisfying than calling in a professional.

And by the way, here we shall include ironing and folding a shirt and sewing a button to a shirt, reading an electric meter and growing food at your backyard are essentials. Don’t get too scared with all this since these are basics to start an independent living unless you are rich born. Be a real man and start paddling canoes to get ready to move the heavy stuff!

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  1. I got all skills to a certain degree. I think that that the List is very good and that it should be the aim of all Men to aquire at least a low degree of all the Listed skills. Good Work! 🙂

  2. danish women wrote this for sure..and for you “miss” wtf? we´re not in 1950 anymore, deal with it

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