10 Sexiest Weather Girls Ever



5. Alejandra Stephany Lopez from Mexico

People were like “Weather, What weather!?” and “She is the one who will bring peace to all of Mexico”
Now I know why all that is true. Put her in any TV show and that show sure will get uncontrollable hits. For a reason she has kept her secrets and responsibilities behind the closed curtain, you won’t find much on her on the internet. All we know is that she likes brands, hot coffee, hot weather, the Mexican beaches and an oily cream bath while on vacation. Too bad she does the local weather only.


4. Gaal Nomeni from Hungary

She works for the Hungarian Weather channel. Well this is much obvious but we still don’t know how she manages her hectic work schedule. She attends yoga classes, does a mile jog in the morning, and prefers vegetables over meat. She does modeling as well and then she somehow manages to work for the TV. Clever multi-tasking and a busy week, for guys and all other dudes working for the weather channel, here comes the truth, SHE IS STILL SINGLE!


3. Gabriela Grechi from Italy

Oh yeah, Italy is where I was born, I wasn’t born there but I kind of feel so close to the country and especially women. Born on November 15, 1976 in Milan, she speaks fluent English. She is a well-known media personality where she has performed in advertisements, in athletic programs and as a presenter for other shows. She has never modeled; which suggests that she knows her grounds and limits. Thanks to YouTube, she now is watched in glory all over the globe.


2. Jill Nicolini from USA works for WNYW – Fox 5

Jill Nicolini is a FOX and has been designated for three Emmy Awards and has received numerous honors from the NJ State PBA, Italian American Police Society, East Hanover Italian American Society, John Theissen Children’s Foundation, The National Council of Columbia Associations of Civil Service, Suffolk Community College Broadcasters Association and Autism Speaks.
Enough already!
We are not here to see what she achieved; we want to give you what she came to the world with. I mean not all American women are so competitive, organized and that HOT. Besides this, she storms the channel and interviews, like a blizzard. She is so much in demand on the weather channel that it’s been a long time the channel hasn’t found a replacement. Her goodies still have 5 more years in them. That’s something to live with.


1. Maria Quiban from Hawaii works for NBC Hawaii News 8

Don’t be fooled her real name is Maria T. Aviso, and she is known to us as Maria Quiban, but that doesn’t matter as long as we stare into the clouds and white snow. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Hawaii. She does various television shows and also acts in films as a news reporter, prominent films include Bruce Almighty and Criminal minds. Nowadays she couches young mothers about how can they live a happy life. She has two kids of her own, a sexy mother and to be honest it’s not all the makeup she gets, that so good looking, in fact she IS a beautiful mother.

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