10 of the Scariest Rides in the World



5. Eejanaika

While the name may be hard to pronounce, the ride itself is one that you shouldn’t pass up. This happens to be one of the only “4-D” coasters in the world- the only other being the X2. With this ride, you’ll go through some insane 360-degree turns that are brought together by several head-over-heel spins. All in all, the ride is really fun and can really cause your heart to sink. It is located at Fuji-Q Highland which is in Japan.


4. Tower of Terror

The name itself spells excitement. If you’re ever on the Gold Coast of Australia, you should definitely check out the Tower of Terror. This is quite easily the tallest and fastest thrill ride in the Southern Hemisphere. Compared to the world, it is the fourth fastest and reaches a top speed of about 100 miles per hour. Anyway, this ride will carry you up about 38 stories and then drop at a rate of 4 G’s. All of this happens in about 6.5 seconds and will be combined with a zero-gravity drop. The Tower of Terror is the epitome of a scary ride.


3. Expedition GeForce

If you search the Internet for “Best” or “Scariest” rollercoasters in the world, chances are good that Expedition GeForce will make it to the top of the list. Not only is it one of the largest roller coasters in Europe, but it can reach 4.5 G’s as it takes you through a 203 foot drop at over 75 miles per hour. And yes, there are moments of weightlessness that you will experience as you go through the ride.


2. Maverick

No adrenaline junkie’s agenda will be complete until you ride Maverick. Located in Cedar Point, this ride cost about $21 million dollars to make and was built in 2007. It holds the record for being the most expensive ride to construct. And if you’re looking for speed then you’ll have plenty of it as you reach speeds of over 70 miles per hour. Not to mention there will be countless turns and twists. All in all, the ride will last for about two and a half minutes which is slightly above average in the world of roller coasters and thrill rides.


1. Superman Ride of Steel

The name itself lets you know that this ride is for people who would like to experience serious speed and height. Located at Six Flags New England, the Super Ride of Steel has won the award for best roller coaster in the United States every single year since its conception. It has a 220 foot drop with over 75 mile per hour speeds. And let’s not forget the grand 10 seconds of weightlessness that you will experience. Your legs will be wobbly after the ride and your heart will definitely be pumping. This is an unpredictable ride that will throw you through tons of quick twists and turns.

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