10 Notorious Insanity Defense Cases

According to legal terms, a person might not be held responsible for a crime if his or her state of mind is in a diminished capacity or if he did not know that it was wrong; this is referred to as insanity defense case. Interesting isn’t it? While most people might be able to use it to their advantage and commit crimes, there have been innocent victims in the past and because of this rule they were set free. This particular list explores ten of the most notorious cases of insanity defense that have popped up during the ages. I do not know if you were familiar with the concept before reading this list; my eyes popped, hope yours do to.



Anthony and William Esposito - Ten Notorious Insanity Defense Cases
These were the two brothers that robbed a payroll truck in Manhattan. They killed an office manager and a police officer during their little stunt. During their trial, they tried to prove their insanity through extreme behavior; banging their heads on the table until they bled, barking like dogs, drooling and crying uncontrollably are a few examples. They were found guilty of their charges and were taken to an electric chair, electrocuted and executed on the 12th March in the year 1942.



Daniel Sickles - Ten Notorious Insanity Defense Cases
He is the first example of an insanity defense case in the United States. He was known for being a politician and a civil war union general. He had loads of scandals and controversies attributed to him. He married Teresa Bagioli when he was 33 and she was 15. He killed Philip Barton Key in Lafayette Park for having an affair with his wife. He claimed temporary insanity at his trial. He was acquitted of his murder charges in 1859.



Steven Steinberg - Ten Notorious Insanity Defense Cases
This guy was charged with killing his wife with a kitchen knife; her name was Elena. He called the police and reported a burglary and a murder. The police came and found no signs of a break in. It was later found to be a case of homicidal somnambulism; sleepwalking murder. He wasn’t charged with murder. Steven claimed he was sleeping at the time of the break-in and he was set free. That is scary though. Sleepwalking murder; gives me the creepers.



Andrew Golstein - Ten Notorious Insanity Defense Cases
Andre Goldstein pushed Kendra Webdale in the path of an approaching train. The train killed her. This guy had a history of schizophrenia. He claimed to hear voices and believed that someone had dissected his brain. The prosecutors claimed that he killed the girl because she resembled Stephanie H. who was a stripper responsible for sexually frustrating him. The claimed that he was using schizophrenia to get out of murder charges. The case went on for a long time. Finally, he confessed that he was aware of his actions.



John - Ten Notorious Insanity Defense Cases
This is probably the most famous person on the list. He developed an obsession with the movie ‘Taxi Driver’. He grew infatuated with Jodie Foster and started stalking her. He considered taking his own life in front of her to get her attention; he was THAT desperate for it. He then decided to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. He took six shots at Regan one of which hit him on the chest after ricocheting off something. He was set free of all charges on the basis of insanity defense. How about that!


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