10 Most Powerful Norse Gods

As promised, here is the awaited list of most powerful Gods in the Norse mythology. One of the interesting things about Norse Mythology is that it has a great influence on modern times. For example, the days in the week are named after the Norse Gods (most of them). Tuesday is Tyr’s Day, Wednesday is Odin’s day, Thursday is Thor’s Day and Friday is Freya’s Day. I am thinking of discussing Viking Gods as well so stay tuned and enjoy the read!



Balder - Ten Most Powerful Norse Gods
Balder or Baldr takes the tenth spot in this list. He was the God of joy, innocence, beauty, spring, forgiveness and anything positive that you possibly think of. He was the second son of Odin and Frigg. Baldur is immune to any type of injury and he was deeply loved by women. You must be familiar with the powerful hammer of Thor, yeah, even that was unable to harm him. Loki however, created an arrow with the tip dipped in mistletoe. He convinced Balder’s blind brother to shoot it at him. The arrow killed Baldr.



Loki - Ten Most Powerful Norse Gods
I am sure you are familiar with this guy. He is the infamous God of mischief. He was liked by the other Gods originally but that changed. He was a shape shifter and he could even change his gender. He gave birth to the wolf Fenrir who was responsible for the death of Odin himself. Loki became more and more evil as the time passed and he would insult the other Gods and steal their precious items. After having Baldur killed, he was bound in a cave with deadly venom dripping on his face until Ragnarok. He met his doom soon thereafter.


8. HEL

Hel - Ten Most Powerful Norse Gods
She happens to be one of the Loki’s daughters. She was sent to overlook the realm of dead by Odin himself. You can compare her to Hades if you will, but she was just doing a job that no one else wanted to do. Once anyone entered the domain of Hel, they could not leave and that is much like Hades and his underworld though reportedly she did not have a pet three-headed dog like Hades himself. She was all alone. Baldur was kept in her domain, and even he could not escape.



Frigg - Ten Most Powerful Norse Gods
She was the wife of Odin. She was also the only one ever allowed to sit on Odin’s throne during his absence. Frigg was the Goddess of motherhood and fertility. There are many stories where her character is a little loose and she would sleep around with Odin’s brothers without him knowing. She was the queen of Asgard. She is said to have had powers of prophecy even but she would never reveal what she knew. The word ‘Friday’ comes from Anglo-Saxon version of Frigg that is Frige. She is the mother of Baldur.



Freyr - Ten Most Powerful Norse Gods
He was one of the most beloved of Gods. He was responsible to oversee the realm of the elves. Freyr was the God of weather, peace and male fertility. He was responsible for bringing peace and pleasure to mortals. He was married to the giantess called Gerd and for that purpose he had to give up his magical sword that he used to wield. He did not have his sword anymore that led to his downfall when he fought with the fire giant Surtr in Ragnarok.


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