10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cat lovers know that cats are the most wonderful creatures in the world. They are the beloved pets in many households and neighborhoods. The cat, also known as the domestic cat or house-cat to distinguish it from other felines and felids, is a small carnivorous mammal that is valued by people for its companionship and its ability to hunt vermin and household pests. Cats have been associated with humans for at least 9,500 years, and are currently the most popular pet in the world. They are fun-loving, good natured, and are considered safe around children. Even though purebred pedigree cats can be attractive, there are so many homeless cats that are just as adorable, and are in need of good homes.


10. Persian cat

Persian cat
The Persian is a longhaired cat characterized by its round face and shortened muzzle. Universally rated as number one most popular breed because it is so loving and devoted. One of the oldest cat breeds, it takes its name from its place of origin, Persia (Iran). Recognized by the cat fancy since the late 19th century, it was developed first by the English, and then mainly by American breeders after the Second World War. In Britain, it is called the Longhair or Persian Longhair. Although Persians are high-maintenance and need grooming every day, this is more than compensated for by their affectionate and loyal personality.This breed of cat is devoted and laid back, but its’ hair can be nightmare for maintaining, sometimes growing up to 3 inches long! Persians need a comfortable environment to feel safe.


9. Siamese cat

Siamese cat
The Siamese is one of the first distinctly recognised breeds of Oriental cat. The exact origins of the breed are unknown, but it is believed to be from Southeast Asia. The breed standard of the Modern Siamese indicates an elegant, slim, stylish, flexible and well muscled body. Its head is triangular shaped, with a thin snout. The eyes are almond-shaped and oblique. The hair is short, glossy, fine, soft, tight and adhered to the body. The Siamese is characterized by its typical pointed color scheme. A Siamese cat always wants to be the center of attention. They want to be cared for. These cats are very communicative, yowling in a rasping voice for attention or just to chat! They tend to get too noisy or cry a lot if you ignore them. They are slim and athletic with large ears. Their fur is short and lies close to their skin. They love to be stroked, and are extremely loyal and close to one person. They are very intelligent and loving.


8. The Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon cat
The Maine Coon is noted for its large bone structure, its rectangular body shape, and a long, flowing coat. The breed can be seen in a variety of colors and are known for their intelligence. Maine Coons are one of the biggest domestic breeds. Males average 12 to 18 pounds in weight and females are usually 10-14. They are hardy, gentle and loving with long fur but don’t need as much grooming as a Persian. Their good-natured personality will make them very safe with kids. One will be a very loyal addition to the family.


7. Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat
The Abyssinian is a breed of domesticated cat with a distinctive ticked coat. There are many stories about its origins, often revolving around Egypt, but the actual origins are uncertain. The Abyssinian has become one of the most popular breeds of shorthair cat in the USA. The coat is medium-length, dense, and silky to the touch. The Abyssinian have coats that are unusual enough to catch attention. Each hair has a base color with three or four darker-colored bands; the hair is the lighter color at the root, and the darker “ticking” color at the tip. Abyssinians are very active, busy and playful, and they love people.


6. Ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds with a sturdy body, large frame and proportionate legs. It is a breed with blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat. It is a large and muscular semi-longhair cat with a soft and silky coat. Developed by controversial American breeder Ann Baker, it is best known for its docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature. The name “Ragdoll” is derived from the tendency of individuals from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when picked up. They are very gentle, easy-going and affectionate. They are perfect for any household. They are so docile that it can be dangerous for them to go out as they wouldn’t defend themselves if another animal attacked them.

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