10 Hottest Celebrities without Make up


Penelope Cruz

Acting since the tender age of 16, Spanish starlet Penelope Cruz has starred in such movies as Blow, Sahara and Gothica. Known for her gracious good looks, a waxwork of which is set to appear in Paris’s Gervin Wax Museum later this year, here she is looking a shade plainer than usual.


Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a 28-year-old singer from Ontario, Canada. With a string of major commercial successes beginning around the age of 16, she has remained somewhat under the spotlight since. Though a teenage heartthrob in her formative years, it would seem even Avril is prone to her off-days.


Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the great uber-babes of the past two decades, having kept men of the world drooling from a line of appearances in some of Hollywood’s most successful flicks. From pure youthful beauty in The Mask and There’s Something About Mary, to more contemporary early-middle age appearances in The Green Hornet and Bad Teacher, we’re yet to lose faith despite pictures such as the ones below (below that one!).


Keira Knightley

Making an action packed entrance into mainstream movies in the unmistakable Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, alongside Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley has risen to level of an internationally renowned babe. Kind of like a British Natalie Portman I’d say.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has been an international sex icon for longer than I’ve even been alive. She is therefore allowed to look rough once in a while; after all she is 45 years of age. Enough said.



125 thoughts on “10 Hottest Celebrities without Make up

  1. how can you compare a fully made up person in a professional photo shoot to the same person in no make up in an unflattering photo of them squinting? it’s not a very accurate comparison

    and the kiera knightley one looks fake as hell.

  2. the keira knightley one is soooooo fake. her skin is absolutely flawless. shes waaay hotter without make up too

  3. Who ever used photoshop on her face did her wrong lol. They did miss the unibrow lol!!!

  4. As nightmare inducing as that Angelina Jolie photo is, it’s the fingernails that bother me the most. I never pictured her with nasty fake nails like that, it makes her look even more like an insanely cackling witch.

  5. Anyone notice that most of them still have makeup on? I would like to see them all with no makeup at all.

  6. You should have called this article “Women without makeup OR Photoshop Vs. What they normally look like”. The “made up” photos —and not just poor Kiera’s—are photoshopped to death. Makeup can’t do that.

  7. They all look fine without make-up, especially Angelina, but that Keira pic is so painfully shopped it’s pathetic… I could see maybe a few blemishes, frazzled hair, dark circles under the eyes, but the editor went nuts and just gave her a unibrow and pimples, a slight mustache, dark circles, faded blemish marks… overboard.

  8. I hate saying this, but I’ve never seen a more ‘shopped photo before the Keira Knightley without makeup photo, that’s just ridiculous.

  9. Angelina looks INSANE in that pic. She looks like an insane version of a friend’s wife actually, and that freaks me out because she gets that look on her face a lot.

    Reese, on the other hand, would look HAWT wearing a burlap sack. She would be smokin’ in overalls with dirt on her face.

  10. Most of those “without” pics are more photo-shopped and airbrushed than the “good” pics.

    None of those chicks really look as bad as those pics show….except maybe Britney.

  11. I agree ! Angelina Jolie for example, she has still liner and mascara. 😉

  12. Makes me feel good! only goes to show with a makeup artist any1 can look a million dollars!!


  14. how awful!
    almost all of them are ugly without make up, definitely exist many women who are not famous and not have money but her beauty is authentic, these women flaunt a false beauty simply because they have money and fame and angelina is considered the most beautiful woman of planet!!! noooo it is lie , although she is not the most ugly in these pictures, it definitely is far from being the most beautiful woman on the planet.

  15. Beyonce looks awful. Most of the other women are just missing make-up but she is missing the make-up and her wig. Penelope Cruz looks bad too. I think Pamela Anderson still looks very good. My gosh she is 42 and still looks this good out in the sun without make-up and squinting? The one I want to see is Tyra Banks sans wig and make-up. I bet she looks downright scary.

  16. That is what i call artificial Beauty! they are actually not Beautiful but just painted with colors to look Beautiful!!!

  17. Keira Knightley’s “bad” photo is photoshopped. It was part of a series of making pretty girls ugly. It’s on youtube.


  19. This thread is misleading. It should be called 10 Hottest Celebrities without Photoshop instead. Makeup, even in professional photoshoots, can only do so much along with lightning and a bunch of other photo tricks–but the airbrushed and flawless effect that you see in the “makeup” images are created by using Photoshop. I guarantee you that in many of the “makeupless” photographs, they’re still wearking makeup–it’s simply that makeup doean’t equal Photoshop. Also many of these photographs to show how supposedly ugly these celebritries truly are are taking with awful lighting and awful facial expression. Anybody, even gorgeous people, can look hideous with the proper pic.

    I mean, seriously, have you people never had a bad photo taken of yourselves?

  20. I know its hard to grasp that thats what people really look like, but its true.
    And I seriously doubt those “bad” pics were photo-shopped. People just have their bad days.
    And I’m sorry to pop everyones bubble, but women aren’t always perfect and without flaw as hollywood wood lead you to belive.
    Be disillusioned.

  21. Because they are just as human as everyone else. No one should put a celebrity on a pedistel for their looks..

  22. Wow, look again. Keira Knightley without makeup is hella photoshopped…

    And the Beyonce one is from a movie, where she had makeup to look bad.

  23. i agree with all of them except angelina jolie. i think shes good without makeup.

  24. Everyone knows angelina jolie is a wax figure right….
    Alootta people seemed to serious that she looked good its a wax doll.

  25. I agree with them all except Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie they both look fine without make-up!

  26. I dont think avril looks bad, it is normal. everybody looks like that. i just think maybe because it was candid, with her mouth open like that haha

    that photo of keira is totally shopped.

    yup beyonce still looks so fine

  27. Anghelina still looks good without make up, and there is alot of pics of ther without make up. Kameron also looks good, Beonce in one foto without make up in other one from movie or somethink and just bad photo,Keiras foto is pure and bad fotoshop work. boooooo

  28. Yeah right!! cameron diaz and reese witherspoon are pure eeww wae oot their slap on (cameron diaz has really bad acne there are some pictures on youtube that prove that). and do something wae your eyebrows keira knightley..

  29. only nice naturals:
    1.Angelina Jolie
    2. Beyonce
    3.Avril Lavigne

    in order of natural beauty.. the rest gave me nightmares, i cant believe how beautiful our common next door gals are compared to these overrated celebrities.

    im not gay but im being to think that WE are gods true beauties cause even without any makeup (the very word indicates the lack of something)/or particular care for grooming we look very good.

  30. I think they all look like human beings..oh wait THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS. who (i know this sounds crazy!) will never ever never EVER be perfect………..ever and neither will you..ever!. except Keira. That pics obviously fake…right?

  31. I think it’s pretty obvious that the pics of K. Knightley were fake by the fact that she had a full beard photoshopped in. But the other ones all seem like normal looking people to me- I don’t know why all the make-up is necessary. Does anyone else want to see a full season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians without make-up?

  32. Not even celebrities can look good all the time… everyone can look rough.

    Also, the light affects pictures SO much, these are close ups.
    The camera can also catch them in mid-facial expression- which makes them look bad.

    I’m sure if they were prepared and posing in good light they wouldn’t look that bad.

  33. It’s not the make up that’s changing them so much, it’s the editing of the photos. The airbrushing and such.

    But hey, I like them without make up. It makes them seem more real. Almost like human beings.

  34. Ummmm that Beyonce one was from the movie Cadillac Records. Thats not how she looks foreal

  35. Most of them look OK … except Britney … she is scary ugly. I accept the common consensus that “The Dame” photo is a lame rip off, Angie DOES have make up (and look’s great), and it has been indicated that one Beyonce pic is not a “natural”. So basically, they look pretty good. Not like super models but quite attractive. No big deal.

  36. i totally agree that keira photo is a fake its not real and thats clearly seen

  37. I think Avril Lavigne looks gorgeous without makeup.

    She’s just stressed and tired in that pic.

  38. some pics dont even count cause once ur old ur gonna look like that….so not fair ……..others good looking pics are photoshoped and computer made…

  39. Reese Whiterspoon is a great example of dark under eye circles, looks like she just got up. No uncommon with anyone just some people are effected by smaller blood vessels around the eye tissue.

    I see Pamela Anderson is sporting some nice puffy eyes also, again not uncommon but this is caused by fluid build up in the eye tissue.

    It’s amazing how these women are no different then anyone else yet everyone thinks they are because they are famous.

  40. Who doesn’t look like crap with out make up coupled with bad angle/lighting.

    Are you ladies really that insecure?

  41. I agree with you.
    It totally look like photoshoped.
    I mean, make her look uglier

  42. The photo of Keria Knightly “without makeup” is so obviously photoshopped, that anyone who actually buys that is an idiot. Like a supermodel would ever have a huge monobrow, or bulbous big spots on her chin, and go OUT like that. Come on, guys.

  43. Keira’s pic “without makeup” is so fake. Also Beyonce’s. How stupid u think people is.

  44. Thanks! I didn’t know that. I thought OMG!! She looks terrible!! Thanks soooooooo much! You too Derek!

  45. The fact that celebrities are human means that they will have good days and bad days. To expect celebrities to look beautiful all the time is to expect them to not be human. The fact that people are “shocked” by these images shows that they put celebrities on a higher level than human.

  46. Yeah.. totally agree with Michael. They’re just humans like us who both have bad hair or face days. We just look up to them because of their career & seeing them on TV or whatev makes us curious how they live their life too. I don’t think these are the “hottest” celebs. KRISTIN KREUK is one of the most drop dead gorgeous women who looks beautiful without make up. Same with MIRANDA KERR.

  47. Why on earth do all of us non-celebrities aspire to be like these so called actual celebs, they are all ugly without makeup! I knock spots off Keira (and I’m blonde 🙂

  48. I wonder if anyone takes into account that these are just bad pictures? They’re taken when the star in question is in mid-sentence, eating, sometimes sneezing, etc. Avril looked like she had a cold. Keira’s is more than obviously photoshopped. If you think that’s a real picture, you are more of an idiot than I could possibly say. Also, almost none of these people knew that their picture was being taken, thus they are off-guard.

    These people are human. They won’t look perfect all the time.

  49. Not only without makeup but without air brush.
    To be brutally honest, I prefer them all natural.

  50. How about it is hollywood selling a product. Mid sentence then maybe you better look again. This is what you have without makeup. The real deal……….like selling anything you make it look better to sell the product. Nothing against them but that is their job to be an actress and make a living.

  51. How about that is them without makeup caught by photo guy who makes a living doing this. DAH………….you think anyone doesn’t photo shop the bunnies and all the magazine woman. You probably believe in Cinderella also and the easter bunny.

  52. First of all beyonce is in a movie and second some of them have on makeup. Especially angelina ugh hello can’t you people see.

  53. Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie look georgeous without make-up! That’s true beauty =)

  54. i realize how BEAUTIFUL we Ethiopians r. this is just amazing. i will never be surprised with someones beauty in a movie or music videos again

  55. Keira Knightley IS photoshopped!Well think of it, this photo was taken in public probably in some event.Now imagine you are a star.Would you ever expose yourself if you looked like that?I mean c’mmon now people, the “dark circles” are so damn fake.Somebody really hates her to post pics like his one.Internet is OPEN to everyone, that’s why only a stupid moron would believe every single stuff in here.Wake up already.

  56. In every single case, I prefer the images of them without makeup. And, no, I am not some middle-aged feminist with an agenda. I am a red-blooded American male who just happens to find real women attractive and hasn’t let some corporation indoctrinate my eyes and libido with the idiotic notion that plastic = beautiful.

  57. To all the people who said Kiera’s image is photoshopped. Sorry to let y’all know that is how she looks. I’ve seen her in person and to be honest it’s movie magic. I wouldn’t say ugly, but she not the gorgeous goddess many make her out to be. Another thing is a lot of the pictures that are seen of celebrities are photoshopped. Some actors eyes aren’t as clear blue as they seem on TV or magazines. Skin spots, wrinkles, even hair, skin and eye color are all altered before putting stuff out there. Also they have extremely gifted make up artist.

  58. Oh wow Penelope Cruz looks so yummy although without make-up. Keira’s “gorgeous look” kills this post.

    Btw I agree with Kaede lot of celebrities they look very normal and cool when seeing them in public. Not likes in television seeing the celebrity makes me lose myself especially Keira LOL

    anyway i love celebrities i dont care they are just beautiful although they looks horror in this post. not lady gaga i dont like her. She have the look of mysterious angry i dont get it too.

  59. seriously they just caught most of them at a bad time. any1 looks stupid when some1 stalker takes a picture of them when they r off guard

  60. My god some of you people are shallow. They might look odd for hollywood, but if you saw any one of these people walking down the street without make up on they’d probably still look more attractive than most other people. They all have big eyes, little noses, girly lips and the perfect facial structure. They wear make up because people like you exist. Take a look at your own face in the mirror.

  61. The “without makeup” pictures have obviously been touched up to make them look worse.

  62. I just love seeing celebs with no makeup. It shows they are normal like the rest of us. Some even look better without the makeup.

  63. avril without make-up is still one of the most georgeous woman on the planet. u cant compare air brushed pictures to natural beauty. if u expect a wonan to wake looking air brushed your attracted to make-up not women.

  64. Keira Knightley is photoshopped. Not a chance in hell that the actress will appear in public with monobrow & hair above her upper lip.. Even if she does have those pinky zits, I would think she’ll have them covered.

    The page is useful though coz I have been depressed over my skin & nose and this made me feel better.

  65. Lmao! Angie actually looks like she belongs in Girl, Interrupted! But yea, the no makeup picture is a lot older, so you shouldn’t forget that.
    And the Keira Knightley no make-up picture is obviously fake! Why would any woman let her eyebrows become like that (unless for modelling)? You can have nice eyebrows without makeup guys. Plus, the weird baby/facial hair outside of her hairline is badly drawn in too.
    And the first Beyonce no make-up picture looks like it’s from a movie or something. Probably from Cadillac Records (I haven’t seen that though), because http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2537329664/tt1042877 looks like that picture.
    Check out Zoe Saldana without make up though! She looks SO beautiful, a lot better than average people even with make up. Here: http://without-make-up.com/wp-content/uploads/Zoe-Saldana-without-makeup.jpg AND http://www.radaronline.com/sites/radaronline.com/files/photos/image_20120321/zoe-saldana-no-makeup.jpg

  66. Beyonce is the most beautifull black girl with a sparky personality. I think she is very beautfull when she laughs. Happy face & natural beauty. A perfect smile & her teeth are very white. She must gain weight not lose weight. She always looks sick she must at least weight 12lbs, 67 kg.

    As a black women, you must have strong funky hair. Many girls are jelaous when looking at her. When Tina Turner, Whitney Houston & Whoopy Gold Berg wishes for a daughter this was a heavens wish. Many women without make up look not that great but she made a statement and we black girls are proud on her.

  67. Come on! Angelina is quite pretty without makeup and Reese is not really pretty with or without makeup. Too much chin!. The others look photoshopped for the most part, especially Keira.

  68. it’s amazing to know these women be changed from “before and after”.anyhow i like Anderson’s sincerely smile.

  69. Keira’s pic is photoshopped and Angelina does wear make up.

    But most of them look ok (as a ‘normal’ human being like you and me). they only have a weird face expression.

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