10 Extremely Inspirational Women



5.Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was an advocate for human and civil rights and between 1933 to 1945 was United States First lady. She also played a key role in making the Universal Declaration of human rights whilst forming a delegation for the UN General Assembly. She also worked for the status of women during the Kennedy`s Presidential Commission. During the Second World War, she extended moral support to the war affected and her presence at different locations made a difference. Her political activities and popularity also helped her husband who due to illness was on wheelchair and so due to her efforts.


4.Therese Lisieux

Therese`s vision from childhood was to be a saint. She belonged to a Catholic family. Due to the death of her mother, she was brought up by her elder sister. She was such a pious and natural conscious girl that at the age of 15, she went to enter the holy order at Church. Initially, she was advised to come back when she would be 21 and grownup, but with hard effort and petition to pope, she joined her sisters in Carmelite convent of Lisieux. For the entire life, she has been regarded for her spiritual character and loving attitude towards God.


3.Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was born in France in 1412. She was from a poor family and since her childhood she had a sensitive and very religious frame of mind. It is said that she had visions from God to renew the French nation. So at the age of 17 she was handed over to an army, which then led over victories at Orleans and Troves, many towns were saved from the British rule. In addition, for her service she and her family were granted a noble status. She won the heart of many people of her time. However only an year later, she was captured by the Burundian Forces which sold her to the English who set her on trials for witchcraft.


2.Oprah Winfrey

An American, Oprah Winfrey born in 1954, is known as a host, an actor, a producer and a philanthropist. She is famous for her show, which has been titled under her name and has become one of the highest and most rated programs of its time. The inspirational fact about this woman is that when it comes to the richest people, Oprah has been rated as the richest and one of the highest paid African American of the 20th century, which is a great honor. In addition, she was also ranked as the world’s only Black Billionaire. Still she has one of the best personalities, down to earth and giving.


1.Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born in 1910 and at the age of 18, she got training to be a nun. After that, she formally became a nun in Calcutta, India. Her greatest achievement of all was starting of a new concept called “The Missionaries of Charity”. Its purpose was to take care of people as she pursued looking after other people on the foundation of Jesus Christ’s teaching. The major awards she received were the Kennedy Prize and The Nobel Peace Prize. The funds she received were always devoted to people in Calcutta. Her one of the most remembered quotes, when someone asked her that could we promote world Peace, was “Go home and love your family”.

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