10 More Endangered Species of the World

We have previously published a related list featuring the most beautiful endangered species. Coming up with just ten animals and sort them across an endangered list was a difficult job. There are many animals that fall into the category but fortunately I was able to identify the ones who are in extreme danger. You should know that a lot of animals are facing almost the safe, if not worse, conditions. It is very important to raise your awareness regarding these animals and it is essential for their survival as well. I hope this article proves to be educative. There are a couple of animals here that I was actually shocked about. I had no clue those were endangered. Enjoy the read!



This extraordinary fish is one of the largest reef fishes and lives across certain areas in the Indo-Pacific region. Its natural rarity makes it highly vulnerable to over exploitation. The decline in its population has been mostly caused by unmanaged fisheries in fished areas where the Humphead Wrasse is both protected and unprotected.



This mammal has been listed as critically endangered by the IUCN red list in 2009 as it is populated in only two regions across the world now. The total number of species that remain is below 60, which emphasizes the bleakness of this animal’s future. World Wildlife Federation has been working on protecting the remaining species since 1998 by setting up better park management, creating awareness about rhino’s importance to the people, increasing ranger patrolling in the inhibited area etc. They are highly prized as a commodity in traditional Asian medicine and have been pushed to the verge of extinction due to the shrinking size of their forest habitat which is converted into farmland.



Monarch Butterfly - Ten Endangered Species of the World
These butterflies migrate from North America to Mexico for the winter season and dwell there in a high altitude and well protected pine and fir tree forests. These forests have been recognized as an endangered biological phenomenon recently, which creates a crucial problem for the millions of monarchs that migrate here every winter. It is essential to protect the reproductive habitats of these creatures in the United States and Canada to ensure their survival. WWF, in collaboration with the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature, has made numerous efforts to preserve the species, the most innovative strategy being the establishment of tree nurseries that are introduced to the monarch butterfly reserve.



Mountain Gorilla - Ten Endangered Species of the World
Mountain Gorillas are also considered to be an endangered species as scientists estimate that there are only about 720 specimens remaining in the wild. A large population of these gorillas resides in the Virunga National Park, Congo, which borders Rwanda and Uganda. The wars waged in these areas had a great impact on the gorillas as it created related threats such as poaching and loss of habitat. Conversation efforts have led to a slow increase in the population of these gorillas though they still remain endangered.



Bluefin Tuna - Ten Endangered Species of the World
This large migratory fish is found in the eastern and western Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. They are consumed as food and the Bluefin tuna fisheries are collapsing quickly, creating the risk of extinction for these fish. The fishes face certain extinction unless the fishing in the Atlantic and Mediterranean is not stopped. WWF is working on discouraging the trade and consumption of this fish in restaurants across the globe until the species shows signs of recovery.


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