10 Craziest Inventions

There is a well known quote which you must have heard so many times that necessity is the mother of invention but sometimes inventions have unidentified origin which lead them to become nothing but a piece of joke. There is no doubt that a lot of innovations have changed the way of life on earth even some of them has taken the possession of very important place in our life without which it is like no life at all. Nevertheless there are a number of inventions that are like a shaggy dog story and I am presenting you ten of the craziest inventions in this article which are as follows.


10. Electromechanical teenager repellant

This crazy electromechanical teenager repellant device was invented by Howard Stapleton in 1993 in order to produce a high pitch annoying sound which is audible by teenagers only. The device was developed intended to prevent youth and teenagers to gather in the malls and shopping areas without any particular reasons so that people can fight against anti social behavior. The major intention of the invention was seemed useless as every capitalist wants to grab the attention of every person that can become their consumer. Later on the technology was used to develop telephone ringtones so that teenagers can use their cellular phone in classrooms without the acknowledgment of their teachers.


9. Apparatus for facilitating the birth of a child by centrifugal force

This is a device that was invented to provide help to women during the delivery process of their children. The pregnant lady has to strap on a circular table in this process, which then rotates on high speed. The inventors George and Charlotte Blonsky explained that woman is already blessed with plenty of physical exertion that she required during the delivery of her child. They made this apparatus which assist woman by creating gentle, uniformly distributed and precision-control force that increases her own efforts. It makes no sense to use a heavily loaded with nuts and bolts apparatus during the painful procedure of delivery.


8. Anti-flatulence underwear

This is one of the funniest inventions I have ever heard and surely you will also burst with laugh after knowing it. This is an invention must be useful for those who have digestion problem since it is an underwear known as “under-ease” which is developed to remove bad smell gases before they escape from it. It is airtight underwear that has replaceable charcoal filter which helps in removing the bad smell gas. The inventor of this crazy underwear is Buck Weimer which belongs to Colorado and chose the slogan for his weird invention that says wear them for the ones you love.


7. Dog-to-human language translation device

If you are a dog lover than you will love the dog to human language translation device since it translates the language of dog into human language. The creation of automatic computer based bow lingual device is a result of mutual effort of Keita Sato, President of Takara Co., Dr. Matsumi Suzuki, President of Japan Acoustic Lab, and Dr. Norio Kogure, Executive Director, Kogure Veterinary Hospital. It is a wireless microphone set which consists of two pieces one of which is a bow that has to be tied in the neck of your dog and the other one is a walkie-talkie look alike set with a screen on it. The device works by analyzing the voice print of dog and categorizes it into six types that are cheerful, sad, on guard, irritated, deprived, or confident, it then selects a random phrase from its database which is appropriate to the dog’s emotional state. The idea is good enough but only if it works.


6. Alarm clock that runs away from you

This is an invention for all those lazy bees that loves snooze option in their alarm clock. This clock is designed to wake you up at your desired time but will keep ringing until you wake up but you cannot set your alarm clock on snooze as it runs away and hides if you don’t get up from your bed n time. This crazy invention is a creation of Gauri Nanda from Manchester institute of technology and named it “Clocky”. The device can jump off from the table and mess up things around it until it finds a spot to rest and ultimately led you get out of your bed to turn it off.


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