10 Cool Macbook Concept Designs


1. Macbook Water Concept

Greeks proposed a concept centuries ago that the world is made up of four basic elements namely Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Well MacBook Air is already out in the market so who says that we shouldn’t expect a MacBook Earth, Water and Fire too. Dvice has made an excellent concept of these 3, however we liked the iFluid idea MacBook Water is an iFluid device that has less booting time than a cell phone. Pour the fluid on a flat surface to get the MacBook Water started and to close it simply wipe the fluid off the surface. Storing it at temperate below 0°C voids the warranty of the product. But unfortunately it is impossible to make it now, lets hope it in next century. Via sizlopedia.


2. Macbook 3d Concept

We have stepped in world of 3D-enabled technologies. Just imagine chat rouletting in 3D! and a hingeless spine design. Take a look at this MacBook 3D. Via yankodesign.


3. Apple Mac-tribook Concept

The Apple triBook aims to resolve the issue of screen space that traditionally is a bugbear for most users of notebooks. The triBook comes with two additional side screens in additional to the main screen; thus increasing the total screen space to 21″. The two folding screens are intended to offer users more options to multi-task. However prima facie evidence, as gathered from reading other reports online, suggests that it is gamers who have responded most cheerfully to this news. Via maclife


4. Foldable Macbook Touch Concept

Introducing the first OLED touchscreen flexible macbook ever, the first laptop you can model at will. Via tommasogecchelin


5. Virtual Macbook Air Concept

Imagine a lighter MacBook Air, with a virtual keyboard instead of the physical one.  The use of two touchscreens made the need of a mouse futile and now no real keyboard, small laser projector that displays a virtual keyboard on a flat laptop surface, makes it much thinner than Dell 9.99 concepts and of course old macbook air which is much fatter in front of it via Petitinvention

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