10 Cities With Highest Crime Rate

Since 9/11 terrorism has increased prominently all over the world. The crime rate is at its peak in the present decade especially in the most sensitive cities. The major cause of this intimidation is brutal activities with innocent people which ignited their aggression to take revenge and resulted in violence.   Murders, snatching, suicide attacks, rape cases and drugs abuse are those dangerous criminal activities on the basis of which I composed the following list.  


10. Rio de Janerio, Brazil

This is a city which is known for its carnivals. Beside its popularity among tourists, the city is also in the good book of killers. There are as much as 60,000 unsolved murder cases in the almost ten years; these are the number of cases that have been reported. Several victims of criminal attacks have never been identified in the city. Rio de Janerio is a city which is full of street gangsters and if you are traveling to Rio, you should have a look on safety guide to protect yourself from being offended.


9. Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, Pakistan

The heaven on earth is the name which is associated with the city. Beside its spectacular scenery which is full of twisty rivers and lush green gardens, Muzaffarabad is a very dangerous city to live in. Critics believed that Kashmir is surrounded by three nuclear powers which might cause the city to suffer from nuclear holocaust in future. Riots and protests have become  take place on daily basis at the streets of the city. The region is also a bone of contention between India and Pakistan’s cold war. These are some reasons that made this heaven a nightmare for the residents of the city.


8. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

This city which is located at the coast of Caribbean Sea is the capital of Dominican Republic. The center of economical activities of the country, having headquarters of international firms, has now become very unstable region for peace. This city is also on the target for protesters and manifestation for terror. Road side crime is also common. These street criminals are much trained in pick pocketing and assaulting. The frequency of occurrence of these activities is high enough to place the city in the list of most dangerous cities of the world. Hence the city is at eighth place on the list.


7. Grozny, Russia

Grozny, Chechnya is under war from 90’s. The vicious warfare has nearly demolished the city which is not the end of the story. The rabble, hoodlums and corruption has made it even worse for the administration to govern the city. Murders and rape cases have plagued like cancer. The augmentation of structured crime has made it difficult for the natives to live in the city. The majority of populace have started their migration from Chechnya to neighboring cities. This is a city where you can expect any kind of crime including war. The acceleration in crime has made the city an unsafe place on earth.


6. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

This place is not only unstable for ecological reasons but also for recurrent outbreaks of violence and destruction. Amongst other reasons of city’s brutal condition, having no police at all is the biggest cause of its uncontrolled situation. This city is also famous for drug transportation to other corners of the world especially to United States. Considering condition of the city, united nations have sent their forces to provide a helping hand to the government of Haiti. Nevertheless the rate of murders, kidnapping, theft and random shoot outs hasn’t lowered a bit.


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