10 Celebrities Who Dropped Out of High School



5. Tom Hanks

You probably know him from Forest Gump and Cast Away. Tom Hanks is the epitome of incredible acting and he is definitely in the upper class of the acting super nation. He’s been in almost every kind of movie that you can think of and is very accomplished as a person in general. If you are an actor who has dropped out of high school then it will probably be a good idea to take some notes from Tom. After dropping out, he interned at a theatre three years and eventually made his way onto the big screen.


4. Johnny Depp

We all know how Johnny Depp is. He’s played in Pirates of the Caribbean as well as a few other Hollywood hits. While some people claim that his success is because of the facial hair, the truth is that he is simply an incredible actor. Johnny Depp can bring certain characters to the table that other actors simply wouldn’t be able to pull off. And despite dropping out of high school to focus on music, he quickly realized that his destiny was in the film industry. He’s been rich and famous ever since.


3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Whenever you think of Inception or Titanic, you probably see Leonardo’s face pop up. After all, he does have a lot of money and he is good-looking- but that isn’t why he became famous. The truth is that DiCaprio is an incredibly diverse actor who can play almost any character you give you. Try watching Shutter Island and you will see why. He dropped out of high school when he was a junior and has been an “A-List” actor ever since.


2. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a legend and deserves all of the awards and achievements that people bestow upon him. He’s been in many classic movies, with “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” being one of them. His acting career began in high school, when he was taking drama class. He actually hated it so bad that he vowed to never do it again. Nonetheless, he found it as an easy way to make a good living. After moving in and out of homes and going to the army, he decided to try his hand at Western films, where he quickly gained recognition.


1. Harrison Ford

Last but certainly not least on our list is Harrison Ford. Not only is he an exceptional actor, he has many credible achievements including getting ranked number one on the “Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time” as well as grossing over 3 billion dollars for all of his films combined. Like most similar stories, Ford quickly realized that there was more opportunity as an actor than staying in school, and that’s exactly what he did- drop out. Fortunately, he has been a legend of an actor ever since.

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  1. Sitting in a college dorm right now wondering if it was the best decision for me….it goes to show your success is ultimately based on your personal ability. These people had a talent, and staked their lifelong success on it. Look at them now.

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