10 Advanced Methods of Birth Control in Pipeline



5. Contraction Inhibitor Pill “Dry Orgasm”

Dry Orgasm Pills
Male Contraceptives
Doctors have known since the 1950s that a couple of medications, usually taken for high blood pressure and schizophrenia, could also make male patients sterile. In November 2006, researchers figured out why: Both medications freeze the muscle contractions that propel sperm through the male reproductive tract. The result: A normal orgasm, sans sperm. Work is underway to turn this discovery into a marketable pill, but it’s still a long way off.


4. Adjudin “The male Patch”

Adjudin is a drug which is under development as a potential non-hormonal male contraceptive drug, which acts by blocking the maturation of sperm in the testes, but without affecting testosterone production. In experiments hormonal levels (FSH, LH, testosterone) were undisturbed during administration, and normal spermatogenesis returned in 95% of the tubules of rats at 210 days after the drug had been discontinued. The oral dose effective for contraception is so high that there have been side effects in the muscles and liver, therefore the drug is being manufactured as implant or patch for males.


3. Spray-On Contraceptive

spray on contraceptive
Contraceptives can be problematic: condoms break, pills are forgotten and patches itch. Now Australian biotech company Acrux has come up with a world first — a contraceptive spray for women. Melbourne-based Acrux recently announced positive results in clinical trials of the skin spray, working with international research organisation, The Population Council. The spray uses Acrux’s patented Metered Dose Transdermal System (MDTS) to administer a pre-set dose of the contraceptive Nestorone to the skin. The fast-drying spray allows Nestorone to be gradually absorbed into the bloodstream. Unlike older contraceptive methods, the spray is suitable for breastfeeding mothers and women who cannot tolerate contraceptive pills with oestrogens. It also has a more flexible dosing time compared with progestogen-only pills, leaves no visible residue on the skin and causes much less irritation than patches.

Another German Company Jolly Joe has created a spray-on male condom that releases liquid latex from a hard plastic tube. Currently the latex takes 2-3 minutes to dry, much too long for those of us that specialize in 5-10 second condom to penis turnover time. But don’t give up on the Jolly Joe yet, the company plans to introduce a version that will dry in less than 10 seconds sometime.


2. CatSper Blocker

catsper blocker
Researchers have discovered a gene key to sperm speed–a finding they say could spawn new methods of male and female contraception or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, treatments to boost male fertility. The gene controls a channel on the tails of sperm that appears to allow calcium ions to pass through. Sperm rely on calcium ions to function properly. The new findings–based on research in mice–suggest that this sperm-tail ion channel is required for full sperm mobility and fertilization. Humans have their own version of the ion-channel gene, which the researchers have dubbed CatSper . A defect in the human CatSper gene could be behind some cases of male infertility, although that has yet to be proven, the study’s lead author, Dr. David E. Clapham, told Reuters Health. On the other hand, blocking normal CatSper action could prove to be an effective form of birth control, according to Clapham. He speculated that men or women could take this potential CatSper “blocker” because it could be made to act ”wherever sperm are present.” Moreover, they report, the gene appears to be active only in fully developed sperm, which means blocking or boosting its action could have few or no side effects.


1. The Male Pill

male pill
In 1960, an invention revolutionized female sexuality and paved the way for the women’s liberation movement. It was the birth-control pill , or simply “the pill” as it became popularly known. For four decades, the pill has put women primarily in the contraceptive driver’s seat. But an increasing number of people — both men and women — want men to take a more active role in contraception use. Their wish may be granted in the foreseeable future, as research companies grow closer to revealing the first continuous, reversible male contraceptive pill. Researchers at Edinburgh University’s Centre for Reproductive Biology have finally found a way to suppress daily sperm production while maintaining normal testosterone levels. This was not an easy task given that men emit millions of sperm in each, while women only produce one egg per month. The pill has proven to be 100% effective in preliminary clinical trials and is completely reversible. The pill contains desogestrel, a synthetic hormone that is the main component in the female pill, as well as the male hormone testosterone. This combination blocks the production of sperm while maintaining male characteristics and sex drive. As with the female contraceptive pill, it must be taken daily. In terms of effectiveness, the male pill seems to be the best. In clinical trials, all of the participants’ sperm counts dropped to zero, which means that the male pill would be more effective than the condom and even the female pill.

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  1. Very happy to see most of these put the birth control in the hands of the men. I know a ton of married dads who would jump at most of these instead of getting “the snip”, which is actually more popular than I would have thought!

  2. This is interesting but do we really need to go to such extents to control childbirth. It is something very natural and beautiful

  3. That is false. There are not too many people in the world to feed. Some starve because of politics, some because of the greed of others, and some because not all land which could be used for farming is, and not all land that could be irrigated and become viable farm land is, AND because some peoples are trapped in areas instead of being able to move to where there is enough food, their country’s military will not let them out as they are captives to produce money for the rich in power.

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